Part 4: The New Dr's Involved

Unaware of the cover up, we left the choice of Specialist with my GP.

After 6 weeks of waiting, we were given excuse after excuse as to why I had not received an appointment.

The letter had been lost. The faxed referral was not sent, then it was misplaced!
These excuses were coming from Professor Van Dellen’s Private Secretary as well as my Surgery.

I felt as If I had serious Infection for months.  I was burning up every night in bed, no Dr would help me, it had been months now since the disc rupture had been misdiagnosed and ignored.  
I had to buy a new bed, blanket supports, spine supports, pillows and sofas, as I could no longer get comfortable sitting or lying down. Every couple of years since my accident, I'd had to buy new beds/sofas but this time it was different, the cord tethering had made everything so very much worse.

I eventually saw, Professor Van Dellen, at Charing Cross, in September 2009. 
Walking towards the Consultation Room, Professor Van Dellen said, ‘Of course I cannot discuss your previous accident’. 
Once in the room, he told me, ‘This is a second opinion of the Syrinx Image only.  I can only discuss the central saggital image on the disc.’  

He refused to look at any other images of my spine on the disc, only looking at the central line, of the saggittal thoracic and cervical spine. 

There was absolutely no examination of me, nor were there any questions about symptoms etc. Absolutely nothing! He did order himself some tea though.
I asked Professor Van Dellen about what looked like growths, attached to the walls of my subarachnoid space.  He told me several times and kept changing the subject each time I asked, that this was simply cerebral spinal fluid.  
This was a blatant lie as I now know they are Arachnoiditis and Arachnoid adhesions.  
I also asked whether the Syrinx walls could fail or burst.  Again he said no but I've since found medical papers showing such a thing.

He told me the Syrinx was not caused by my accident, as these things occur quite normally, and are nothing to worry about!  

This despite not having my medical records or allowing me to tell him anything about my accident.  Least of all that I couldn't move my legs for four days. 
Not that my medical records would have helped of course! Most of them have been illegally destroyed or witheld, despite Laws saying they should be kept, due to my Learning Difficulties and Brain Injury! 

There was a reason why I had not been allowed to tell him about my accident.  If I had been allowed to tell him I could not move from the chest down for several days afterwards. 
He would not have been able to tell me these lies and continue this cover up.  

Professor Van Dellen told me my Full Spine should have been MRI’d.  It was highly unusual for the Thoracic and Cervical Spine to be MRI’d only.  This is because of possible  Growths in the Sacral Spine, causing the cord to Tether, cancer and other possibilities. 

Yet my full spine had been MRI'd by Salisbury Hospital, it was on the original MRI images we'd obtained, that clearly showed a free flowing Cauda Equina and a bulging disc at L4/5.  But these were now missing from the disc. Missing to cover up the disc eruption into my spinal column that was misdiagnosed as swine flu. Why? because it had caused my spinal cord to tether. We had inadvertently written on the original disc and damaged it and had to get a new disc from Salisbury that morning.

He was covering up the negligence and cover up of Dr Ellis and Dr John Burns from years ago.

Professor Van Dellen said he would write to my GP to ask for the lower spine to be MRI'd, as he knew Dr Ebdon. 

I explained I had asked for an Urgent Referral as a Private Patient.  I tried to tell him about the severe problems I'd had since the spinal infection, again, he stopped me from telling him.  
The first thing Professor Van Dellen told me when I asked if he would take me on a patient, was that HIS FIRST DUTY WAS TO PROTECT THE NHS budget.

I believe Prof Van Dellen hadn't wanted to see me, hence the six weeks delay.  I believe he didn't want to become involved in the cover up.

He told me he could not take me on as a Private Patient, stating it would be extremely expensive.  He would require all new studies of his own of my spine, to be able to diagnose me.

This is a deliberate ploy to put you off and frighten you, to stop you in your tracks.  It also tells you that they are lying and even if you did pay them they would still lie.

 Prof Van Dellen wrote a letter to my GP stating ‘Syrinx patients simply need reassurance’!

He also failed to request the MRI of my lumbral/sacral spine he’d stated needed to be done urgently. Why? Because it would have shown that my spinal cord is now tethered from L4/5 down proving the disc ruptured into my spinal canal.    

Professor Van Dellen then tried to write on this disc which would have corrupted it.

We thought this strange as he must have known it would damage the disc.

Prof Van Dellen very cleverly, did not write what he'd told me, that my syrinx was idiopathic.  He kept out of that one!  He also side stepped the disc eruption causing my spinal cord to tether.  Saying it was a developmental change, ie., disc danage now becoming a disc eruption from the damage in the accident. He clearly didn't want to become embroiled in this fraud and cover up. 

I was seriously ill, and being totally ignored.

So I paid to go to a Private GP, Dr Graff, at Nuffield Hospital Bournemouth, in desperation.  

Completely unaware that most of the cover up of my injuries was done by Poole NHS Hospital Dr's who worked from the Bournemouth Nuffield.  I actually saw most of them in a private capacity as experts for my Injury Claim at the Nuffield.

Dr Graff started by saying she would refer me urgently to NINDs in London. It would be very expensive, so we went home to think about it.  At the time we were unaware this is a standard 'Ploy' to stop and frighten you and give them time to consult how to proceed to cover up, with their colleagues.  

We went back to tell her to proceed and were told, ‘No’! 

Dr Graaf then told me I wouldn't be able to see Professor Van Dellen again.  He was now working exclusively for BUPA.

She now said, having spoken to their new Neurologist Dr Gregory, I would have to go to him.

We didn't know Dr Gregory had just taken over from Dr C J K Ellis, Neurologist at Poole NHS Hospital, the Dr that covered up my Syrinx, in the first place.  

Which meant Dr Gregory, Neurologist, would cover up all my spinal injuries again!

We paid £250 for a 30 minute Consultation with Dr Gregory.  In which the same happened as with Dr Lovett his new associate at Salisbury.  Sorry I cannot discuss your accident, before entering the room of course! Then the standard lie, these things are idiopathic, it was not caused by your accident. 

How can a Neurologist say it wasn't because of my accident if they refuse to hear of the accident or what occured after?

Dr Gregory then told me I shouldn't be paying to go private, he would be happy to take me on as a patient.

BUT only at Poole Hospital, not Bournemouth!  Why? Because he would be dragging the cover up over to include yet another hospital.  I think it's the same reason the Neurosurgeons at the Spinal Unit in Salisbury refused to see me.  Knowing it was a cover up from my accident, they didn't want to be involved.

Dr Gregory lied to my face, manipulated me into going back to Poole Hospital and took £250 off me in the process.

All so he could misdiagnose me as having an idiopathic syrinx and cover up my old spinal injuries for his new employer.  Poole Hospital.

Dr Graaf at the new Nuffield GP centre, directed me to him to enable the Nuffield and Poole Hospital to keep their fraud and negligence covered up.

How can anyone be this corrupt?
All of the Specialists used by Karen Thompson to cover up my Syrinx, worked for the Nuffield Hospital Chain.