Part 3: The New Dr's Continuing this Cover Up

When my Syrinx was ‘officially’ found on 14th May 2009, I wasn't told. 

During the MRI at Salisbury District hospital the Contrast was administered incorrectly, causing a Heart Incident and Syrinx incident which was misdiagnosed a TIA. 
The Radiographer had forgotten what she was doing and put the needle with the Gadolinium in the wrong arm. 
She then took it out and spilt Gadolinium all over my top, before putting it in the other arm.  
I was in the machine for almost an hour with my hands above my head, a big 'No' when you have a Syrinx. 
Which incidentally proves Poole NHS Trust Hospital knew I had a Syrinx shortly after my accident as the Neuro Physio, Janet Lewis, insisted it was very important I never did anything with my arms at or above shoulder height and certainly never above my head. 

I told the radiographer this, but was told it would be fine. 

The MRI was an angiography or something which requires a huge dose of Gadolinium, and the presence of a Dr, but he never turned up either.  

This was also the second huge Gadolinium dose I'd been given in 7 days! Which is also a big 'No'.  

I'd been to the MRI suite at Bournemouth hospital and asked for them both to be done together but they said 'No' due to budgets! 

The radiographers error meant she caused and injected a ‘clot’, which first went to my heart, then my brain, before settling in my leg, at least I think that's where it settled, as I had a hot feeling there the next time I was put in the same machine a week or two later, without contrast.   

So it was I got massive pressure in my head and was unable to even dress myself, was slurring my words and then lost the use of my leg an hour after being released from the first MRI.  

The radiographer knew I'd had what she called an 'Incident with my heart' whilst in the machine, I'd pressed the button repeatedly, but was ignored and they continued until they'd finished. It felt like a football being kicked around in my heart, which I would imagine was the blood clot, and as if I had a broom being shoved down my spinal cord. She didn't do anything though, just left me in the hall and got on with the next patient.

I was called back on 13th June for MRI without contrast. They said they needed better pictures for the Dr, nothing wrong.

I still wasn't told I had a syrinx.  
I think I had a clot in my leg from the contrast, due to the hot feeling in my leg during this MRI. 

I found out on 19th June when I asked for copies of my blood tests and the receptionist accidentally included the MRI results. 

Even then I was only ever told I had a fluid filled cyst, and they had to ensure there wasn't a growth. Sounded quite harmless to me, a brain injured woman!

So I was called back for another MRI ‘with contrast’, on the 30th of June. They said they needed to give contrast again to check there were no growths in my lower spine.

In the meantime I had developed what I now know to be Syringobulbia, pressure or CSF build up in my Brain which caused me to have feelings of being touched all over, when I wasn't being touched by anything. 

This was ignored because it was caused by the first MRI when my hands were put above my head for an hour.

This MRI incident was then misdiagnosed as a TIA, ignored and covered up. 

I'd now developed Angioedema from having been put on Aspirin due to the TIA misdiagnosis. 

I'd not had Central Apnea since the first few years after my accident. Although back then I didn't know it was Apnea, as when I told the Neurology Team at Poole Hospital, I just got blank stares, or told it was PTSD. 
I went to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital with angioedema and Central Apnea. Once before I found about the syrinx and once after. 
The same junior Dr twice dismissed me and sent home.  The second time he told me I was 'wasting hospital time', despite the Nurse sending me straight through to a ward because of my rash and breathing troubles.  He even called me a liar when I said I'd just found out I had a syrinx.  He said I had no such thing, it certainly wasn't on his records!
This is quite funny now when I look back, having acquired my Hospital Records, as yes you've guessed it, they covered up again!  
They now read that I saw a Dr who I never saw, which is becoming quite the favourite!   They state I had a Lupus rash, even though I've never had a Lupus rash. 

They were still trying to give me Aspirin or derivatives while telling me I had an allergy to aspirin? 
I eventually had to go private as I was being blocked from seeing an allergy specialist by Dr Hogan my GP.

I found out later in the year, from a private allergy nurse, that this was all Angioedema.  She was a little angel and despite the hospital trying to shut me out and block me seeing the Consultant, she pushed it through privately.  Although the Consultant was typically dismissive and aggressive, wanting to know how I'd got an appointment with him through a private allergy nurse! 

The Central Apnea has never been admitted as it would just be more proof of my Syrinx having been caused by my accident.  I had to find that out myself from looking up my symptoms and Syrinx information on the www.  I'd be dead now If I hadn't.

On the 15th July I had sharp pain in my spine and head, after sitting at the dinner table with my computer, I'd never been able to do this since my accident due to spine pain. 

I'd decided to start looking up what exactly this fluid filled cyst was.  

I didn't get very far, before I developed sharp pain my my lumbar spine and head and had to lie down again.  I'd never really been able to sit up for long since my accident, my spine just hurt too much. I always had to lie on the sofa.  
By the next morning I developed a temperature of 104 and my throat was closing up.

I was misdiagnosed yet again, this time it was over the phone by Dr David Hogan of Ringwood Medical Centre, who said I had ‘Swine Flu’, and told me not to go to the hospital. Despite the fact he knew I had a Syrinx or two, he completely ignored me when I told him I hadn't any flu symptoms, and I'd had sharp lumbar spine and head pains the night before, felt unwell and went to bed!

I didn't know it then, but this was a Cauda Equina Syndrome, a ‘cord tethering,’ event, in my lumbar spine. As I got no help with this from anyone at the time I thought it must have been a viral or bacterial infection that affected my spine. I'd suffered cold sores ever since my accident, although I'd never had one before it and didn't even know what they were! 

Weeks later Dr Ebdon told me this event was my syrinx getting bigger! Salisbury Hospital even contributed to this lie, with a report from a Dr Peace saying my Syrinx had grown.  It hadn't! The images were identical.  I had been frightened out of my wits for a year, thinking my syrinx had grown, all to cover up for Dr Hogan at Ringwood Surgery misdiagnosing a spinal disc eruption into my spinal canal as Swine Flu! 

The MRI images showed a bulging disc before July, along with a freely flowing cauda equina, which have now been witheld or destroyed by Salisbury Hospital.

The bulging disc isn't on the newer MRI and I have a spinal cord tethering at L4/5 downwards.

I lost control of my bodily functions. 

My spine had swollen up, and felt as if all the nerves coming off my spine had stuck together.
I couldn't feel across my back, or bottom.  Muscles would not work, and I had vibrations in my extremities.   
My sight had become very, very bad. 
My lumbar spine was now ‘clunking’ when I moved.
My Spinal Cord felt as if it was being pulled at the top and bottom.
I was getting huge pressure in my head when I stood up. 
I had palpitations, that were so bad we repeatedly phoned several departments at the hospital, but no one phoned back. The GP surgery didn't phone back until day four, when Dr Simon Thompson simply phoned and said stop taking the Tamiflu. 
We had no idea the spinal damage at L4/5 had caused a bulging disc to leak into my spinal canal, causing a Tethered spinal cord.

We had no idea the GP surgery had been negligent and was covering this up, nor that this could have left me paraplegic or killed me! 

I still had no idea what a Syrinx really was, let alone that it was from my accident. 

I was terribly frightened and just wanted help as my situation had become much worse with the Swine Flu misdiagnosis in July.

I now know I've a Deviated Septum from my accident, the hospital knew, as it's quite clear on my MRI, and the 'water' pouring from my nose, reported repeatedly to the hospital, Dr Moffat, & Dr Burns after my accident. It's actually CSF and it's not supposed to leak, but does because I've also a Dural Tear relating to the Deviated Septum.  I only found this one out very recently.
For a while, I thought this might be what caused infection to get into my spine in July.

My GP Surgery continued to prevent me from getting help. Salisbury District Hospital did the same.

They were covering up not only the Syrinx, but also the Spinal Cord Tethering, which Dr Hogan, of Ringwood Medical Centre, misdiagnosed, swine flu.
Along with the MRI incident. 

It had now become a vicious cycle of cover up, on top of cover up.

An appointment came through with Dr Lovett, Neurologist, at Salisbury District Hospital for the 30th July. 
Two and a half months after they'd found the Syrinx.

I was looking up fluid filled cyst on the spine, on the www the night before seeing Dr Joanna Lovett Neurologist, on 30th July. I'd been so ill with my spine I hadn't been able to.  I found the Ann Conroy Trust, but I didn't know whether this applied to me, I had to wait and see what the Dr said. 
Oh Dr Joanna Lovett was a delight in herself!  She told me there was nothing wrong with my spine, it was perfect! She said that a Syrinx is nothing to worry about, but all of that? That was all after her first question to me, which was? "Are you suing?"  I was flabbergasted, confused, and answered ‘No!’ 

I was told, prior to even entering the room, that she could not discuss my previous accident and in any case, my ‘Syrinx’ could be nothing to do with that!
She then told me she had no knowledge of Syrinx, but diagnosed me as having idiopathic syrinx! 
Dr Joanna Lovett is totally unqualified to diagnose a Syrinx or the cause of it.  She is a stroke Dr!
I was asked questions but given no time to answer them, while pins were stuck in my back, which I could only sometimes feel.

Because of my TBI my Dr’s and Lawyers had taken advantage of and deceived me.  I couldn’t remember anything about ever having had an MRI before, or that I had looked up Syrinx 10 years ago. 

I wasn't even aware they'd covered it all up for years and years and not told me at this stage.

I didn’t realise Dr Lovett was covering up for my previous Dr’s at Poole Hospital NHS Trust, who had neglected me, and hidden my ‘Syrinx’, broken neck and back and deviated septum.  Nor that she was covering up the ‘Cauda Equina Syndrome’  which recently occurred in my lumbar spine,  misdiagnosed as Swine Flu.

As I said before about this comedy of errors, ‘you couldn’t make this up’!

I was sent home totally reassured there was nothing wrong with me!

Dr Lovett’s letter to my GP, had many lies about my condition within it.  She had no knowledge of the details of my accident, but had concluded it was not the cause.  She said I had ‘no squint’ despite barely being able to see at that time, and having a squint since my accident.

She did however totally contradict herself in her attempts to cover up my post traumatic syrinx.

She actually referred to it in her letter as post traumatic!

She also told a bunch of lies about what happened in that room that day.

She said she asked me to walk on my heels then my toes! That was a complete and utter lie.

The best one tho', she said I could drop to a crouch and get back up unaided!
That never happened either.  It would have required a miracle!  I have never been able to do that since my accident.  I have never even been able to get down on the floor or up again without full support since my accident!

Dr Lovett tried to refer me to Dr Katifi at the Spinal Unit at Salisbury District Hospital, as well as another Dr, in August 2009.  Both refused to see me. Yet they both wrote to Dr Brooke Neurosurgeon at Southampton General Hospital saying that they had seen me and were referring me to him.

Dr Lovett also showed that she was lying by writing to Dr Tromans about 'This fascinating finding of post traumatic syrinx'.  To which he replied about this 'Fascinating finding of post traumatic syrinx!'

I saw a GP at the surgery and told her I was elated, Dr Lovett said there was nothing wrong with me or my spine!  Dr Ebdon, GP then said to us “Are you quite aware of the seriousness of this”?

We went home and thought about it, then asked for an “Urgent Referral to a Syrinx Specialist”?