Part 2: The New Dr's Covering Up Deception & Negligence

The following is about the new Dr’s who have decided to join in this 'cover up'. The new Dr’s who have misdiagnosed and nearly killed me, because they don’t listen to me as I have a TBI. + the ones covering it all up for their Peers. 

All of these people had a choice, to stop the madness or continue the cover up of the original mistakes. 

They had a choice to treat me like a normal human being, or to cover up the Negligence & Deception of their colleagues! 

These people violated my ‘Human Rights’ in depriving me of the knowledge of the Syrinx.

Covering it up, and preventing me from seeking ‘proper treatment’ is a Crime Against Humanity. 

First was my GP Dr Andrew Pestridge of Ringwood Medical Centre, which is incidentally run by Dr Simon Thompson!  I went to Dr Pestridge with symptoms in 2004.  He referred me to RBH & Christchurch Hospitals, Department of Rheumatology, headed by Dr Paul Thompson, husband of my Negligent lawyer. 

I saw his associate, Dr Quilty Rheumatologist, who, noted my symptoms as Neurological, Lupus and severe hypothyroid. I never realized until now but he ignored the Hypothyroid & Neurological symptoms. Dr Quilty thought I had  Lupus.  On my 2nd appointment he took an 'urgent phone call'. I was sat outside the room with the nurses running around like headless chickens giving me sideways glances, so we knew something odd was going on.  It just didn't make sense until now.
He then told me I was better, I’d had a Lupus incident which may or may not recur. He ignored the Neurological and Hypothyroid symptoms completely.

I wasn’t better and didn’t improve and in 2006 I saw Dr Andrew Pestridge with more neurological symptoms, and was misdiagnosed with Inner Ear Infection.  I told him I’d had fluid in my inner ear since my accident but he ignored me insisting I had an inner ear infection prescribing Doxycyclin. This caused a severe allergic reaction, causing organ damage, liver and pancreas pain and aggravated my back problems. He’d ignored me when I went back with the Doxycyclin leaflet saying my symptoms were serious and wanted to stop taking it. He said the symptoms were of no significance as I didn’t have Lupus and sent me home telling me to finish the course, or I could die from infection.  I’d only taken one tablet at that time, but I nearly died finishing the whole course. I was ignored again when we phoned a few days later, Alan was told I could have an appointment in a few weeks time but no one was available to come out and see me.
Dr Pestridge then changed my medical records and covered this up.  Some time later he fled to British Columbia. He’d given me Doxycyclin and nearly killed me, I presume he too was afraid of being sued or struck off.
This left me with reflux problems, amongst other serious problems, and I was sent for endoscopy at Salisbury District Hospital.  I endured a brutal endoscopy at the hands of a negligent Dr R G Collier. The anaesthetic had not been administered correctly. I was forcibly held down, leaned on throughout the entire procedure while gagging uncontrollably.
I believed after finding out I had a syrinx that this brutal Dr had made my Syrinx worse. 

I was very ill for years after the Doxycyclin with liver pains and my skin not recovering, everything left marks on me, and lumps and bumps coming up all over my tummy and ribs.  But still had all the pains from the accident.

So I was referred back to RBH & Christchurch, where I was then diagnosed by Dr Karen Mounce, Rheumatologist with Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia.  However, this changed within each visit to her surgery, from Lupus, to Fibromyalgia and finally Lupus again! It was as if she could never remember what she was supposed to be diagnosing me with. I never had the muscle pain I was supposed to have to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, nor the pain from the pressure points, except for the ones on my spine, which was pain from my accident. Now in 2012 I realise that everyone was so busy trying to cover up the doxycyclin damage, and the spinal injuries from my accident that I was unable to get a proper diagnosis.  The Fibromyalgia diagnosis was just to string me along for a few more years, until time ran out to sue anyone for the negligence I'd been victim of.
I had repeated Subclinical Hypothyroidism blood test results, the reason for many of my symptoms, but was again lied to. Everyone seemed determined not to diagnose me with Hypothyroidism.
I would be told one thing by my GP Andrew Pestridge and another by Dr Mounce.  She would also tell my Dr different to what she had told me. 
I eventually saw Dr Markus ENT who diagnosed Sjogren’s. As soon as Dr Markus retired, Dr Paul Thompson’s Dep’t., and the new ENT Dr removed the diagnosis of Sjogren’s.
Since my accident I have been misdiagnosed deliberately so many times with anything and everything, but they’ve fought against diagnosing what was actually wrong.

It was 2009 when we finally had enough of being led round in circles and down the garden path.  A friend told me to request a second opinion.
I saw Dr Bawendi at Salisbury District Hospital who asked what I was originally sent to RBH Bournemouth with. He asked about my symptoms and when it all started.  I said mostly since my accident.  He asked straight away about my Severe Spinal Cord Injury, checked my neck and looked at my weak lower arms and hands.  He left the room and discussed with someone a diagnosis that would require thoracic MRI.  Came back in and said he thought I may have Takayasu's and would I mind having an MRI.
He knew within minutes of seeing me that I had a Syrinx!
He said I didn’t have Fibromyalgia but I may have a connective tissue disease and wanted me checked for Lymphoma and ordered blood tests to start these investigations before I returned to see him.

He ordered an MRI of my Thoracic Spine and Aorta. 

All of this after being left in limbo for 5 years by the Rheumatology Department at RBH & Christchurch Hospitals. Headed by Dr Paul Thompson, my Negligent lawyer’s husband. But that was the plan, I believe now, to stop me finding out within the legal time frame in which I could have sued her or the hospital.  Even though there really is no time frame to sue for negligence with a TBI, no Dr in Britain is going to do anything other than continue to cover up for these corrupt people.

As I am claustrophobic, no one could have been sure I would attend for the MRI, until I actually had. 

Must have been quite a shock when I did!
I never saw this Dr who helped me again, it’s become quite a pattern since my accident.
The blood tests and investigation of Lymphoma were never done, despite me near begging for two years! 
You'll be pleased to know, after a long fight of the same nature as the one detailed above, that I've had a second opinion after opting out of the Area AGAIN and have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Hypothyroidism.  
I've now had three or more separate diagnosis, after fighting the cover up, that all go back to my accident.
I've  post traumatic Hypothyroidism and post traumatic Syrinx, plus the spinal injuries and arachnoiditis and arachnoid cysts. Then there are all the problems associated with a Syrinx, like central Apnea and Angioedema, the list goes on.  All from my accident and which were covered up for years.
I still don’t know whether my accident left me with Lupus or If I have Drug Induced Lupus, Drug Induced Hepatitis or both as they continue to cover this up because of the negligence of Dr Andrew Pestridge.
I shouldn't have to fight just to get the same treatment as an ordinary able bodied non Brain Injured person though.