Part 1: The Dr’s, Lawyers & Barrister Who Covered Up My Syrinx

Miraculously after leaving my last GP surgery due to Negligence and their refusal to refer me to anyone about my Syrinx. I was suddenly referred to Dr Brooke via my OLD Surgery who were involved in their own cover up of Negligence having caused me to suffer a tethered spinal cord when misdiagnosing spinal infection as Swine Flu.

When I first saw him it was after a phonecall to come to the hospital the next day.  Highly unusual in itself. He said I had been referred by Dr Katifi at Salisbury NHS Trust Hospital, and another Dr, both of whom said that on examining me they felt I needed to be referred to him.  
The only trouble is, I had never seen either of these Dr's! 
They both refused to see me when requested to after my Syrinx was found last year.  

On Friday 21st January 2011, six months later, I was called for MRI of my Thoracic Spine at Southampton General Hospital.

All quite normal or so you would think, until you get to the reason behind this scan? Dr Brooke, NeuroSurgeon at Southampton General Hospital had actually ordered a scan of my Cervical Spine.  Presumably it was to try and blame my Syrinx on a Chiari.

All part of the continuing cover up.

This has presumably back fired though, as the Radiographer didn't join in the cover up and agreed with every other radiographer, Neurologist and NeuroSurgeon, there is no Chiari.  But this one went one step further, there is Arachnoiditis consistent with my accident.  But I already knew that.

My Syrinx was caused by my Accident, Dr Brooke knew this, he knew that two of his Peers, the ONLY other Neurosurgeons I had seen, Dr Mendoza, and Vas Apostolopoulos of Charing Cross who I was sent to for a second opinion had stated quite emphatically my Syrinx was from my accident.  Dr Brooke must also have been told of this by Dr Lovett and Dr Tromans, both of whom have written to each other that my syrinx was post traumatic and in letters seen by me.  Yet, he immediately went straight into the usual, 'it's idiopathic'.  When told of my accident, he agreed that was the cause. Although judging by the fact that he's not written anything down in my records, he is still striving to cover this up for Poole Hospital.

The neglect of Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi, and Poole Hospital, meant my spinal injuries, post traumatic arachnoiditis, arachnoid cysts, post traumatic fibromyalgia and post traumatic Hypothyroidism were covered up by Poole Hospital,  Dr Burns, Neuro Rehab, Dr C J K Ellis, Neurologist, and Dr Nick Moffat, Clinical Psychologist.  Oh, not forgetting Dr Jowett, Orthopaedics, and Dr Goodwin, Orthopaedics, also on the Team. They were all involved in covering up my Injuries, witholding and preventing treatment and destroying my Personal Injury Claim after my accident.

The Legal Team, Karen Thompson, of Lester Aldridge, and Mark Stephen Lomas of 3PB Barristers orchestrated the whole thing from day one. 

There was another young woman who I regularly spoke to, who chose to cover up my Syrinx, Tina Bradford. Now, Tina Martell Solicitor and Senior Lecturer in Law at Bournemouth University! Teaching Legal Students! Oh the Irony of it all! Presumably, my case is one she doesn’t mention in her CV.  I should imagine she doesn't tell her students that she deliberately deceived her own Brain Injured Client, or hid knowledge of a Life Threatening Syrinx from me.

All of these people had a choice, kind of like the Biblical Story?  To either help the injured soul, lying in the road, or cross to the other side of the road,  pretend they had not seen me and walk on by!

They all chose to cross the road, and walk past me as I lay dying on the side of the road.  That was after they 'stamped on my neck, kicked me in the back and picked my pockets’ of course.  

They all chose to deprive me of my 'Human Rights' deliberately and continued to do so for 18 years.

Every one of these people have chosen to continue depriving me of my Human Rights, by witholding MRI and Reports of my Syrinx.

Their choice you think?  They didn't have to help you?  But, we're not talking about the opposition Lawyers.  These were all, my Dr's my Lawyers, and my Barrister! They fraudulently took in the region of £100,000 from the Legal Aid Fund. Legal Aid Fraud on a Grand Scale!

I often wonder whether they were also paid by a Third Party, whether it be Poole Hospital, Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi, or their Insurance Companies.

Karen Thompson was also rewarded with a Partnership at Lester Aldridge, within days of settling my case!

The situation is that if these people stopped lying and admitted my Syrinx was from my accident instead of lying and covering up mistakes from years ago. 
I would be able to get a lawyer to go to court and ask for my Settlement to be set aside as I should have had a Legal Friend.  That's all it would take, one person to tell the truth, and Dr's to stop the cycle of lies.  One person to send me a copy of the Syrinx as it was when they MRI'd my spine in 2000.  And I would have my life back.