I Call on the Government to Revoke The Protected status of Expert Witness

So after an accident that wasn’t your fault, which leaves you disabled for life, you’d think that would be enough, that everyone would do everything to help make things better and easier, wouldn’t you?  After all, it’s 21st Century Britain, it’s what you’d expect isn’t it?  There’s really no reason to leave an innocent Accident Victim to suffer is there? Who could possibly want to make things harder, more difficult, cause more suffering?

But after an accident in 21st Century Britain it’s not the accident that disables you for life, there are aids and ways around that, if you have money of course. 

No, It’s actually British Dr’s, Lawyers, Insurance Co’s and Government Policies that destroy your life after an accident.

The Dr’s who don’t tell you anything about what is or could be wrong with you, because they may have missed something that the Insurance Co could blame them or the hospital for.  So they protect themselves at your expense after an accident.  It might also have something to do with their ‘God Complex’.

The ‘Expert Witness’  who having been paid by the Insurance Company proceeds to say anything he wants, without any resemblance to the truth, in a Court of Law, because he can.  A situation which is promoted by UK Law which protects these so called unbiased Expert Witnesses paid for by the Insurance Company from Prosecution in our Legal System.

The same Expert Witness who works for the NHS which must be protected from the mess of a Personal Injury Claim gone wrong especially if a Peer’s Negligence caused much worse lifelong problems.

The Lawyer and Barrister who can’t be bothered to do their job properly, after all it’s just an Injury Claim so shuffling the paper that comes back from Expert Witnesses is all that’s required for £300 an hour.   They’re more interested in ‘Keeping In’ with the Medical Experts in ‘The System’.  After all they don’t want their future income or prospects blown by upsetting someone they’ll have to work with or against in the future.  It could make for a very awkward life after all.

The Government Ministers who flirt with the Insurance Co Leaders and Lobbyists for a nice fat lunch and a bottle of Bollinger.  They’re the same Insurance Co’s who Insure the Hospitals Dr’s, and Lawyers.  It’s all an Incestuous circle of the ‘You protect my back’ pal system.

The Dr, Expert Witness, Lawyer, and Barrister are all part of a system that thinks of you as ‘scum of the earth’, not to be trusted, who lies and just wants to boost your Injury Claim? That is unless you’re from the correct ‘Class’ in British Society, well that’s a completely different matter of course.   They judge you by their own corrupt standards, even though very few of us would ever stoop that low.

Insurance Co’s don’t even play fair, setting attack dogs like Professor Michael Trimble on Innocent Accident Victims.  Trimble is a Neuro Psychiatrist, and totally unnecessary to evaluate an accident victim’s Injuries.  Victims are sent to him purely so that he can assess their mental weakness in order that he can then write a damning report.  It is a Psychological game to frighten and intimidate a genuine accident victim who has what could be a very expensive claim for the Insurance Co. into settling out of court. He assesses the victim and writes a report that is intended to destroy them mentally, it could be classed as cruel and unusual punishment.  He is the scum of the Personal Injury Claims world, and he needs arresting and punishing.  He behaves like the previous corrupt British Expert Witness who thought he was above the law, the one who set a worldwide precedent that Jailed 1000’s of grieving mothers for what was simply Cot Death.

The Government Justify all this by saying they’re only interested in keeping the cost of Insurance down, to make it more affordable for the sons of their constituents to ‘afford that car’. 

So a Dr, Lawyer and Barrister won’t tell you what’s really wrong, all the things they could have missed because Dr’s won’t spend their Department’s funds investigating all those problems you still have.  The Lawyer who has to ‘keep in’ with ‘the system’ to protect his Income Potential down the road, so he doesn’t want to ‘rock the boat’.  The Barrister who is instructed by the Lawyer.

No one has any interest in telling you, your whiplash injury has caused ‘end plate’ damage, your discs will dry out and crumble or burst into your spine, or that you will get Arachnoiditis, which may turn to adhesive Arachnoiditis, myelitis, Cauda Equina Syndrome, or Syrinx.  Some of which will cripple you, others will leave you paraplegic or even kill.  And all that just from Whiplash Injury!

No, to save money and make it cheaper for people to insure their cars we leave people who have already had their lives destroyed, to suffer more pain and disability than is necessary for the rest of their lives.
We leave the severely disabled person who is constantly in pain, unable to afford the wheelchair that would ‘Enable’ them, unable to go on holidays, have any kind of life, and for what?

Just so the rich can make more money. 

Do you think it’s a ‘Price worth paying’, that you’ve saved money?

Someone’s life, and the lives of the family around them, have just been ruined forever.

What happens next?

After a while when the money runs out, those same people have no option but to claim Benefits from the Country, and their loved one usually has to give up work too.

So who foots that bill then, certainly not the rich tax payer, they don’t pay more than 1% of the Tax they should pay.  Definitely not the Insurance Co. who should be footing the bill, after all it’s what we pay our Insurance for.

No, you’re footing what would have been their bill now, because the person who foots the bill is as usual the ordinary hard working Tax Paying Briton.

Do you really want genuinely Injured to be treated in such a Barbaric and Uncaring way after an accident, because that is what is happening in so called Civilised British Society. 

It’s exactly the same as what happened to the little Malaysian Boy with the Back Pack who was first Injured and then robbed in Broad Daylight in Britain in the riots.  Actually it’s worse, because these people’s suffering doesn’t end after a day or two, they are left to suffer every day for the rest of their lives with nobody doing anything to correct the Injustice.

It is time for the Protected Status that an Expert Witness enjoys to be removed, before the likes of Michael Trimble destroy any more lives.  Profit is put before honour, honesty, and what is right in this Country, and I pity anyone who cannot see how wrong that is.


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  2. I feel your anger and frustration. I was badly injured during a routine hospital operation nearly 3 years ago and I will never recover from the resulting health problems which massively affect the enjoyment of my life. Just after my operation I suffered internal bleeding which showed itself by a drop in blood pressure to 48/25, lost sight, hearing, vomiting twice and generally being delirious - oh, and a large climbing swelling up one side of my abdomen (all those symptoms occurred in the space of about 2 minutes). I was given inhaled oxygen for an hour and my veins were infused with 1.5 litres of fluids. Amazingly after all that I was sent home only hours later (in horrendous pain) and told that I had experienced post-op gas, despite telling them that this was no post-op gas and I thought I had internal bleeding as the pain had been off the scale. No-one could explain why my blood pressure had dropped so low. 10 days later I was on my way to hospital in an ambulance, unable to walk and peeing blood and was finally diagnosed with a haematoma in my abdomen which had burst its way through my bladder. Bearing all that in mind I was shocked at how the hospital didn't want to acknowledge what was wrong with me as a result and one local surgeon I visited even tried to pass my problems off as being "all in my head". It was 16 months after the injury that I was finally diagnosed (with scans and tests) with related permanent physical abnormalities by another specialist, in another city. I started a legal case against the hospital in which I was injured and the first frustration was that my medical notes were scant and most of the symptoms I had experienced on the day of my operation just hadn't been noted. At first however it was looking hopeful as I received a witness expert report which cited undeniable negligence, but another report was required by another type of surgeon witness expert and I was shocked to see that he had ignored my statement, not read the records correctly and written utter nonsense, making statements beyond his field and not even bothering to justify them or back them up with any evidence. I then spent £2.5k on getting another witness report only for it to come back very different to the first surgeon's report but again siding with the NHS, making false assumptions about me, clearly not reading the records properly, and skirting many of the issues. I had been recommended this man by the solicitors I was dealing with but I had been worried as my initial impression of him had not been good - I found him extremely rude and arrogant. So - now I am left with nothing but really it's much less than nothing. I have paid £2.5k on legal costs, over £1,000 on private treatment. In addition to that I have lost hundreds of hours of my time through researching treatments and the causation of my injuries. I have had to change my diet to help my symptoms, and pretty much cut out alcohol. I can’t enjoy long trips from home because of my prevailing health complaints, and there is always the threat of going into A&E if I don't quite get the balance right. I may even be infertile as a result of the injury and carrying a child could certainly pose health risks. Thing is, you say about being from the wrong class etc. Well, I have medical science degree (not a doctor - but a scientist), have worked with doctors and clinicians for 10 years, can present a scientific argument convincingly to a room full of clinicians in my job, and although far from wealthy, I am middle class - but none of that got me anywhere. The whole system needs overhauling and regulating more objectively - it's one big corrupt sham.

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