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Page 28 - Dentists & Orthodontics & No You Can't Claim For That?

It was months, six, maybe more before I felt my neck and jaw area pain had subsided enough and felt strong enough to be able to finally go to the Dentist.  When I asked at the hospital about my teeth, they’d dismiss me and tell me ‘see your dentist’.   My Traumatic Brain Injury was still not diagnosed by a Neurologist at the hospital, so I didn’t have the luxury of being treated like someone who didn’t have a clue what was going on let alone what to do about it. 

The teeth on the bottom right side of my jaw had all been loosened and were hanging out of their sockets from the accident, as the main impact was to the right side of my head and neck.  My right jaw had been broken and the TMJ had been ‘pulped’ I was later told. 

I’d spat out bits of tooth, probably swallowed some other chips, and had these sharp teeth cutting my tongue and lip. I still couldn’t find my ‘bite’ and everything was uncomfortable, and it was almost impossible to eat.  I’d tried to push the dislocated teeth back in with my tongue and finger in hospital and kept pushing them back in ever since.  The tip had broken off my right front upper tooth and was jagged and sharp.  I’d tried to file the sharp bits off with a diamond needle file at home because they hurt and kept cutting my mouth and lip.

To this day, I’ve never been able to eat hard food, I would just love to be able to take a bite out of an apple!

I saw a newly qualified Dentist, Dr Belford at Poole Road, in Bournemouth, on the NHS.  We had absolutely no money from Karen Thompson at Lester Aldridge. As much as we begged for help and an ‘Interim Payment’, she refused to get any help for me, and we could barely afford NHS treatment.

I never knew until now but there’s a difference between NHS treatment and proper treatment in the UK healthcare system, and you only get that if you pay for it.  ‘The NHS are only there to patch you up and send you home’, I was recently told by a Lawyer.  I was unaware this is what Karen Thompson & Lester Aldridge should have been doing, they’d have been completely aware I wouldn’t get proper treatment under the NHS.

Dr Belford didn’t tell me and I didn’t understand the terms he used to tell his assistant my back teeth and fillings were cracked, I only found that out a couple of years ago, when I went private.  I could feel there were chips off them, still are today, nobody fixed them. Over the next year Dr Belford fixed the tip of my broken right front upper tooth, and later put a veneer on the one next to it that’d been pushed back.  However, he felt unable to do anything about my dislocated lower teeth, bite, and jaw problems.  A year or two after my accident he was told to grind down the dislocated teeth to help improve my bite, but I think he was too frightened because he barely touched them.  He said he would put a protective coating over them once ground down, but he never did that either.

I asked so many times for help and eventually got to see an Orthodontist.  He told me he could give me braces and it would cost about £3000 to straighten my teeth and give me my ‘bite’ back.  But as he didn’t know what my teeth were like before, he couldn’t say the accident caused it. I could tell by his tone he was dismissive of why I was there, he didn’t even believe my teeth were broken off in a jagged fashion, and said ‘teeth just didn’t break off that way’!  I wonder if he’d many patients who’d taken the blows to the head that I’d taken with a racing standard crash helmet on? To this day I don’t know why everyone treated me in this awful dismissive way.  I tried to understand for months, years even after an appointment, 'Why did he/she treat me that way, did they not believe me? The only thing I can think of is they seem to make these unfounded and automatic assumptions that you're lying, you must be, because you're making a damages claim, trying to use them to inflate your claim?  Their sick attitudes, of judging seriously injured people by their own corrupt and low standards is costing the lives and well being of innocent accident victims.

We didn’t have £3000 to pay for Orthodontic treatment, and because we never got any Interim payments my teeth are still the same. 

Karen Thompson said I wouldn’t be able to claim for Orthodontics because I hadn’t been seeing an Orthodontist before my accident, so I couldn’t prove the damage was from the accident.

Did no one stop to think for a minute, that was because I didn’t need one before?

Why didn’t anyone look at the photos of me before my accident and compare them with the ones of my face afterwards? That alone shows the damage to my jaw, and subsequently my teeth?    

Did no one bother to look at the photos of my cut and swollen lip from my broken front tooth, or think for a minute that maybe If I had a pulped jaw from impact damage I most certainly had corresponding damage to my teeth in that area?  Karen Thompson was completely negligent from start to finish of my Personal Injury case.  All the time she was supposed to be working for me, she was at home, bringing up a toddler and having another baby.   She was always ‘supposedly’ working from home.  Except she couldn’t have been, or she wouldn’t have managed to do EVERYTHING wrong. 

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