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Page 29 - I finally get to see my first Medical Expert, Dr Markus ENT, at Nuffield Bournemouth

Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge finally sent me to my first Medical Expert.

After more than a year of being repeatedly sent back to ENT at Poole NHS Trust, being given the brush off by Dr Peters ENT, his underlings and physio, followed by a newly qualified NHS dentist who was completely out of his depth.

I was excited, I might actually be getting some help with the pain in my neck/jaw area and with my bite.

Dr Markus, saw me at the Nuffield, Bournemouth and it was the first and last time I ever saw a Dr who treated me in an unbiased and professional way. 

Dr Markus was clear, the damage to my teeth and jaw was caused by the impact in the accident, but he was only instructed to do a report on my jaw by Karen Thompson at Lester Aldridge.

We have always been completely unaware there was a difference between Private and NHS treatment.

We were also unaware that most of my problems were not being recorded by anyone as they were only reporting on the specific areas they were asked about. A deliberate ploy by Karen Thompson to ensure my spinal injuries and Syrinx were not found.

We had no idea that Dr's first and foremost 'cover up' any negligence they find and 'diagnose' second.

I had to have some kind of scanning of my face and jaw area.

I was given a drink, which I think may have been radioactive because the assistants joked and told me not to go through an airport scanner or I’d set it off and be descended upon by men with guns!

It was a strange process.  I remember a dye being injected and I had to lay in front of and between two machines on a table.  
I had to shuffle up the table until I was in the right place for the machines to cover my jaw and neck area.  
Then I had to continually open and close my mouth while Dr Markus was looked at pictures on a screen to see what was happening.

He told me later, that my right TMJ had a smooth plate and the upper jaw runs/slides over it. 
He said mine had been impacted in the accident to the point it had been completely pulped. 
The fractured jaw Poole NHS hospital had said I had was just below this.

He said there was an operation which could help, and he would recommend this to my Lawyer.

That was the last time I saw him.  

Dr Markus' imaging would have found evidence of my Deviated Septum with Dural Tears which allows Infection to spread to the Brain & Spine.  
It would also have found evidence of my Broken Neck and Cervical Syrinx, maybe even my Thoracic Syrinx.

From this point on everything changed.  

We were never sent a copy of Dr Markus report & I never saw him again. His report wasn’t even mentioned in the report to the Court by Mark Lomas of 3PB Barristers, Winchester. 

Some months later I got a phone call from Karen Thompson asking whether I would be having the operation which would cost around £2500 to £3000. 

We told Karen, we couldn’t afford it, and asked if she could get the opposition to pay for it. 
We were told no!  Much in the same way we’d been told they wouldn’t pay for my teeth to be put right.  

As my lawyer she should have been fighting for these things to be done for me but instead she did nothing. 

If I’d had the procedure and had my bite fixed, which would have happened if I'd had a proper lawyer.  It would have been clear within a short time period, the pain wasn’t coming from my jaw.  

Hence it was in everyone's interest except mine, for me to NOT have these procedures.

If I wasn't in the grasp of people whose only interest was to cover up Poole NHS Trust Negligence who knows how different my life would have been.

I had started seeing Janet Lewis, head of Neuro Physio at Poole NHS Trust Hospital.
Janet Lewis told me the procedure could make my jaw worse. 
So I was now totally unable to make my mind up, as I trusted her implicitly.
Although it is now very clear, Janet Lewis Neuro Physio, knew I had a Syrinx.

Having a Severe Brain Injury you are naive and have complete trust in everyone, you see no deception in anyone. 
You certainly don’t expect it from your own lawyers Dr’s or the NHS.  You also are completely unable to make a decision about anything for yourself.  

I was now in a position where I had an entire NHS Trust covering up it’s negligence, a Lawyer who was helping them, and no money to just have these procedures done for myself and be damned with the consequences. 

At around the time 'everything changed' I found out from BBC News that Drake Insurance Co had gone into receivership!
On looking into this recently, I discovered they went into receivership in mid March 1996.

I'd had an offer from Drake Insurance Co’, of £150 in full and final settlement of my Injury Claim the year before.  

We phoned Lester Aldridge and were told not to worry, they were underwritten by Lloyds of London! 
Although I have no idea myself who Drake Ins were underwritten by.
I was told that Drake Ins were related in some way to Bennetts my own Insurance Co., creating a huge conflict of Interest.

If this is true, I was now in effect suing the Insurance Co that was insuring me.  
They would have in effect been causing my own Ins Co to have to pay out £Millions in damages, that is, IF they allowed my much more severe Injuries to be discovered and diagnosed!

I have been lied to and misled by everyone who was ever supposed to be looking after my interests.  To the point, I don't know what was truth and what was a lie anymore.

Karen Thompson is a Compliance Lawyer.  I don’t believe she was ever a qualified Personal Injury Lawyer.  I believe she was only ever acting as my Personal Injury Lawyer to cover up my Injuries and minimize my Injury Claim in the process.

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