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Billie Joe Jenkins murder 'Expert Witness' Professor Michael Trimble not to be trusted

Today I’m taking a detour from telling what happened to me in my Accident and Personal Injury Claim and all the fraud and corruption in the legal system that surrounded it.

However, it’s a story that’s highly relevant to my case, and something which I don’t believe would have been possible had Professor Michael Trimble not gotten away with the fraud he perpetrated in my case.

Professor Trimble was the ‘Expert Witness’ in the Billie Joe Jenkins murder case in the third trial.  He gave expert witness that everyone found suspect, but which put enough doubt into the minds of the jurors that after two trials and six years in prison, was enough to clear Sion Jenkins of the murder.  Although, hardly anyone else in the entire Country thought him innocent, that little bit of doubt was enough for a jury, and it got him off.

I’m writing this now because the story is current in the British Press at the moment.

Five years after my accident, on the 24th March 2000, I was sent to Bristol Oncology Department for MRI, at the behest of Professor Michael Trimble.

The reason for this was because he felt my general weakness in my arms and legs was ‘unexplained’ by my recorded injuries.

I had been negligently treated by Poole NHS Trust hospital and left with a broken neck, back, coccyx, a Syrinx in my spinal cord, a deviated septum with Dural Tears and Arachnoid Cysts from the accident.  However, none of these had been ‘officially’ found at that time as my lawyer was married to Dr Paul W Thompson at Poole Hospital and used to be a Nurse there.

Because of this she had a huge Conflict of Interest in taking my case on in the first place after I told her I hadn’t been seen by a Neurologist and a nurse had re-broken my wrist whilst in hospital.

So from the day I hired her, she covered up the hospitals negligence at my expense.  She even used my Legal Aid Fund to pay the Medical Experts at the hospital to cover up their Negligence for the hospital. This was usually done on NHS appointments, so was a Double Fraud.

So Professor Michael Trimble insisted on MRI of my Brain and full spine.  My lawyer failed to tell me about the spinal MRI and only told me they would be MR Imaging my Brain, knee and elbow.  I spent Three and a Quarter Hours in the scanner, which went down over a cage that was over my chest, they then put my arm to the side and MRI'd my lower spine.  Of course I didn't know this was what was happening at the time.  The hospital told me this section was for positioning purposes, so they had obviously been told not to tell me my spine was being MRI'd. 
The MRI of my knee and elbow took a total of one hour.  Allowing 40 minutes for the Brain MRI and a total of 15 mins for moving and setting up new scans, this leaves One Hour and Twenty Minutes unaccounted for.  The exact same amount of time it would take to MRI an entire spine.  This is borne out by the Time Stamps on the MRI's.  Full proof of everyone's Corruption and Fraud.
She and all my supposed Medical Experts knew I had a Broken neck, back and Syrinx already from my symptoms and problems.  They also knew I had a Deviated Septum with Dural Tears causing CSF leak.  
No one had any intention of telling me when the MRI showed all these injuries up.  They had all committed crimes of Fraud & Deception which they now had to 'Cover Up'.  

I came home one day a few weeks after the MRI to find an answerphone message on my phone which was meant for Dr Morgan-Hughes of Queen Square, London.

He was the Nuerologist for the opposition, who had believed me and made a very true report of my Brain Injury. But, as no one had asked him to look into the possibility of the other injuries, he hadn’t bothered.  He was after all working for the opposition.

The phone call was from Dorothy Sproule of Beachcroft Wansbroughs, who said and I quote, “Professor Trimble would like to get all the experts in this case together.  He feels that if he can get everyone together he can put the blame for Mrs Kendall’s Syrinx on her childhood accident'.  He was trying to manipulate Dr Morgan-Hughes as he had failed to agree with him.

I phoned my Solicitor Karen Thompson. She told me not to worry, I had an appointment with Dr Nick Moffat that afternoon. I had no such appointment.

She told me the letter must have gone astray and within an hour or two I had a phone call from Nick Moffat arranging a meeting for that day or the day after.

When I asked her what was 'Syrinx', she told me it was nothing. At that point, she stole over £2million in damages from me, and left me to suffer for the rest of my life.

You see 'Syrinx' is something, it’s a hole in my spinal cord that can get bigger, go up to my brain and kill me.  
It could already have killed me If not for my husband rescuscitating me regularly, it still could.  
Syrinx causes very nasty symptoms, was caused by my accident, and explained all my so far unexplained symptoms that everyone had covered up. Why?  Because they were frightened I’d sue the hospital.   Karen Thompson had deliberately done everything wrong in my case.  She hadn’t sent me to any ‘medical experts’ relevant to or qualified to be Medical Experts in my case for my most serious injuries, because she didn’t want them found.  She had simply been creaming my Legal Aid Fund to the benefit of herself, her law firm and her medical friends at the same hospital who had negligently treated me after my accident.  She essentially paid my Medical Experts from my Legal Aid Fund to cover up the Negligence of the hospital, themselves and their peers.

Professor Michael Trimble knew this, as did Dorothy Sproule of Beachcroft. Incidentally she swapped firms after I found out about my Syrinx in 2009 and is now at Greenwoods in Bristol.

When I went to see Dr Nick Moffat, I took the answerphone tape, as I said I would when he phoned me.  He refused to play the tape saying his machine was digital.
When I explained what was on the tape, he said not to worry Professor Trimble was always doing this to him, right back to when they were studying together!
So they were lifelong friends.  When I asked him what Syrinx meant? He told me, it was a medical term for weakness.

Within a few weeks of the MRI of my spine I was suddenly told I now had a Barrister, who was allocated by Legal Aid.  I’d asked If we could chose one, and was told 'No, but we’d been very lucky as he was quite high up for a Legal Aid Barrister.' 
Even this wasn't the truth,  Mark Lomas had been employed and paid from my Legal Aid Fund, for the past three years!  Three Partners and Karen Thompson had met with him in 1997 to work out how best to proceed to cover up Poole NHS Trust's Negligence, while working for me and charging it all to my Legal Aid Fund.  

We had to meet with him all of a sudden so I took the tape of the phone conversation which I felt was evidence Dorothy Sproule and Professor Trimble were trying to pervert the course of Justice.  Again, they refused to listen to it, saying they would do so later, and then Tina Martell took the tape and left the room with it. 

Mark Lomas later wrote a pretty good report, which I had to return immediately with the excuse it was the only copy.  After receiving an offer from the opposition a few months later I was told, as a woman with a Brain Injury and not having a Legal Friend, as required by Law, that I had to 'decide whether to take the offer' with no help from anyone.  Even my husband wasn't allowed to help me as Karen Thompson said he may have 'alterior motives', and she wasn't allowed to advise me.  Then she told me I wouldn't get anything if the judge awarded a penny less and would be liable for everyone's costs.  Then I received a new copy of Mark Lomas report, and was told this was the report to the judge.  The new report had everything relating to my Brain Injury and Severe Spinal Cord Injury removed from it.  I hadn’t had a Brain MRI as they felt it unnecessary! Which was a blatant lie,  He had seen the report of the Full Spinal MRI as he accidentally used the date of the reports of the MRI when commenting on one of the Dr's reports.  The Dr hadn't used those dates.  So everyone, all my Dr’s, Lawyers, Lester Aldridge, and Mark Lomas lied to cover up my Injuries.  I panicked, I was confused, I had a Brain Injury and couldn't understand.  I phoned my lawyer angry and in the conversation mentioned I wanted to change lawyers, I was calmed down and made to believe I was just being silly, everything was OK.  She would get it amended, it was just an oversight. I was told I couldn't change lawyers the Judge would frown on it, she held my Legal Aid Certificat and it wasn't transferrable.  I believed her that it was just me unable to understand, as I know I don't understand things, and I know I have a Brain Injury.  It has taken me three years to work out what happened because I have a Brain Injury.  It was impossible for me to understand anything I was being manipulated into.  If I hadn't been bullied into settling at this point or If I'd found out about my Spinal Injuries, Lester Aldridge would have had to start again from the beginning.  Professor Michael Trimble must have thought all his Christmas’ had come at once!  

When I looked up 'Syrinx' on the www, I could find nothing apart from a little box on the bottom of a page at Serious Injury Lawyers website, about how a motorcyclist was left paraplegic from Syrinx.  I had been reassured this would not be happening to me, I could walk couldn’t I?

The ‘Expert Witness’ testimony of Professor Michael Trimble is completely untrustworthy as he knowingly led the cover up of very serious injuries in my Personal Injury Claim, just to win his case, and for money.  It seems to be what interests these people most, not Justice, or what’s right.


In the summer of 2014 Professor Michael Trimble was caught out lying in his statement and testimony to Court.  A young female accident victim who had been sent to him by the opposition lawyers in her injury claim had taped the appointment.
True to form, Professor Trimble lied in his Expert Witness testimony to the Court and was exposed as a liar.
Professor Trimble was the Neurological Expert Witness who was caught lying and subsequently exposed on Panorama.  Although he wasn't named by the programme.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Page 29 - I finally get to see my first Medical Expert, Dr Markus ENT, at Nuffield Bournemouth

Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge finally sent me to my first Medical Expert.

After more than a year of being repeatedly sent back to ENT at Poole NHS Trust, being given the brush off by Dr Peters ENT, his underlings and physio, followed by a newly qualified NHS dentist who was completely out of his depth.

I was excited, I might actually be getting some help with the pain in my neck/jaw area and with my bite.

Dr Markus, saw me at the Nuffield, Bournemouth and it was the first and last time I ever saw a Dr who treated me in an unbiased and professional way. 

Dr Markus was clear, the damage to my teeth and jaw was caused by the impact in the accident, but he was only instructed to do a report on my jaw by Karen Thompson at Lester Aldridge.

We have always been completely unaware there was a difference between Private and NHS treatment.

We were also unaware that most of my problems were not being recorded by anyone as they were only reporting on the specific areas they were asked about. A deliberate ploy by Karen Thompson to ensure my spinal injuries and Syrinx were not found.

We had no idea that Dr's first and foremost 'cover up' any negligence they find and 'diagnose' second.

I had to have some kind of scanning of my face and jaw area.

I was given a drink, which I think may have been radioactive because the assistants joked and told me not to go through an airport scanner or I’d set it off and be descended upon by men with guns!

It was a strange process.  I remember a dye being injected and I had to lay in front of and between two machines on a table.  
I had to shuffle up the table until I was in the right place for the machines to cover my jaw and neck area.  
Then I had to continually open and close my mouth while Dr Markus was looked at pictures on a screen to see what was happening.

He told me later, that my right TMJ had a smooth plate and the upper jaw runs/slides over it. 
He said mine had been impacted in the accident to the point it had been completely pulped. 
The fractured jaw Poole NHS hospital had said I had was just below this.

He said there was an operation which could help, and he would recommend this to my Lawyer.

That was the last time I saw him.  

Dr Markus' imaging would have found evidence of my Deviated Septum with Dural Tears which allows Infection to spread to the Brain & Spine.  
It would also have found evidence of my Broken Neck and Cervical Syrinx, maybe even my Thoracic Syrinx.

From this point on everything changed.  

We were never sent a copy of Dr Markus report & I never saw him again. His report wasn’t even mentioned in the report to the Court by Mark Lomas of 3PB Barristers, Winchester. 

Some months later I got a phone call from Karen Thompson asking whether I would be having the operation which would cost around £2500 to £3000. 

We told Karen, we couldn’t afford it, and asked if she could get the opposition to pay for it. 
We were told no!  Much in the same way we’d been told they wouldn’t pay for my teeth to be put right.  

As my lawyer she should have been fighting for these things to be done for me but instead she did nothing. 

If I’d had the procedure and had my bite fixed, which would have happened if I'd had a proper lawyer.  It would have been clear within a short time period, the pain wasn’t coming from my jaw.  

Hence it was in everyone's interest except mine, for me to NOT have these procedures.

If I wasn't in the grasp of people whose only interest was to cover up Poole NHS Trust Negligence who knows how different my life would have been.

I had started seeing Janet Lewis, head of Neuro Physio at Poole NHS Trust Hospital.
Janet Lewis told me the procedure could make my jaw worse. 
So I was now totally unable to make my mind up, as I trusted her implicitly.
Although it is now very clear, Janet Lewis Neuro Physio, knew I had a Syrinx.

Having a Severe Brain Injury you are naive and have complete trust in everyone, you see no deception in anyone. 
You certainly don’t expect it from your own lawyers Dr’s or the NHS.  You also are completely unable to make a decision about anything for yourself.  

I was now in a position where I had an entire NHS Trust covering up it’s negligence, a Lawyer who was helping them, and no money to just have these procedures done for myself and be damned with the consequences. 

At around the time 'everything changed' I found out from BBC News that Drake Insurance Co had gone into receivership!
On looking into this recently, I discovered they went into receivership in mid March 1996.

I'd had an offer from Drake Insurance Co’, of £150 in full and final settlement of my Injury Claim the year before.  

We phoned Lester Aldridge and were told not to worry, they were underwritten by Lloyds of London! 
Although I have no idea myself who Drake Ins were underwritten by.
I was told that Drake Ins were related in some way to Bennetts my own Insurance Co., creating a huge conflict of Interest.

If this is true, I was now in effect suing the Insurance Co that was insuring me.  
They would have in effect been causing my own Ins Co to have to pay out £Millions in damages, that is, IF they allowed my much more severe Injuries to be discovered and diagnosed!

I have been lied to and misled by everyone who was ever supposed to be looking after my interests.  To the point, I don't know what was truth and what was a lie anymore.

Karen Thompson is a Compliance Lawyer.  I don’t believe she was ever a qualified Personal Injury Lawyer.  I believe she was only ever acting as my Personal Injury Lawyer to cover up my Injuries and minimize my Injury Claim in the process.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Page 28 - Dentists & Orthodontics & No You Can't Claim For That?

It was months, six, maybe more before I felt my neck and jaw area pain had subsided enough and felt strong enough to be able to finally go to the Dentist.  When I asked at the hospital about my teeth, they’d dismiss me and tell me ‘see your dentist’.   My Traumatic Brain Injury was still not diagnosed by a Neurologist at the hospital, so I didn’t have the luxury of being treated like someone who didn’t have a clue what was going on let alone what to do about it. 

The teeth on the bottom right side of my jaw had all been loosened and were hanging out of their sockets from the accident, as the main impact was to the right side of my head and neck.  My right jaw had been broken and the TMJ had been ‘pulped’ I was later told. 

I’d spat out bits of tooth, probably swallowed some other chips, and had these sharp teeth cutting my tongue and lip. I still couldn’t find my ‘bite’ and everything was uncomfortable, and it was almost impossible to eat.  I’d tried to push the dislocated teeth back in with my tongue and finger in hospital and kept pushing them back in ever since.  The tip had broken off my right front upper tooth and was jagged and sharp.  I’d tried to file the sharp bits off with a diamond needle file at home because they hurt and kept cutting my mouth and lip.

To this day, I’ve never been able to eat hard food, I would just love to be able to take a bite out of an apple!

I saw a newly qualified Dentist, Dr Belford at Poole Road, in Bournemouth, on the NHS.  We had absolutely no money from Karen Thompson at Lester Aldridge. As much as we begged for help and an ‘Interim Payment’, she refused to get any help for me, and we could barely afford NHS treatment.

I never knew until now but there’s a difference between NHS treatment and proper treatment in the UK healthcare system, and you only get that if you pay for it.  ‘The NHS are only there to patch you up and send you home’, I was recently told by a Lawyer.  I was unaware this is what Karen Thompson & Lester Aldridge should have been doing, they’d have been completely aware I wouldn’t get proper treatment under the NHS.

Dr Belford didn’t tell me and I didn’t understand the terms he used to tell his assistant my back teeth and fillings were cracked, I only found that out a couple of years ago, when I went private.  I could feel there were chips off them, still are today, nobody fixed them. Over the next year Dr Belford fixed the tip of my broken right front upper tooth, and later put a veneer on the one next to it that’d been pushed back.  However, he felt unable to do anything about my dislocated lower teeth, bite, and jaw problems.  A year or two after my accident he was told to grind down the dislocated teeth to help improve my bite, but I think he was too frightened because he barely touched them.  He said he would put a protective coating over them once ground down, but he never did that either.

I asked so many times for help and eventually got to see an Orthodontist.  He told me he could give me braces and it would cost about £3000 to straighten my teeth and give me my ‘bite’ back.  But as he didn’t know what my teeth were like before, he couldn’t say the accident caused it. I could tell by his tone he was dismissive of why I was there, he didn’t even believe my teeth were broken off in a jagged fashion, and said ‘teeth just didn’t break off that way’!  I wonder if he’d many patients who’d taken the blows to the head that I’d taken with a racing standard crash helmet on? To this day I don’t know why everyone treated me in this awful dismissive way.  I tried to understand for months, years even after an appointment, 'Why did he/she treat me that way, did they not believe me? The only thing I can think of is they seem to make these unfounded and automatic assumptions that you're lying, you must be, because you're making a damages claim, trying to use them to inflate your claim?  Their sick attitudes, of judging seriously injured people by their own corrupt and low standards is costing the lives and well being of innocent accident victims.

We didn’t have £3000 to pay for Orthodontic treatment, and because we never got any Interim payments my teeth are still the same. 

Karen Thompson said I wouldn’t be able to claim for Orthodontics because I hadn’t been seeing an Orthodontist before my accident, so I couldn’t prove the damage was from the accident.

Did no one stop to think for a minute, that was because I didn’t need one before?

Why didn’t anyone look at the photos of me before my accident and compare them with the ones of my face afterwards? That alone shows the damage to my jaw, and subsequently my teeth?    

Did no one bother to look at the photos of my cut and swollen lip from my broken front tooth, or think for a minute that maybe If I had a pulped jaw from impact damage I most certainly had corresponding damage to my teeth in that area?  Karen Thompson was completely negligent from start to finish of my Personal Injury case.  All the time she was supposed to be working for me, she was at home, bringing up a toddler and having another baby.   She was always ‘supposedly’ working from home.  Except she couldn’t have been, or she wouldn’t have managed to do EVERYTHING wrong.