Monday, 19 March 2012

Page 27 - Strange unexplained and ignored Symptoms

I started getting all sorts of strange things happening to me, I can’t remember whether they started when still in the hospital or whether they only started after I left.

I never got explanations for many of these symptoms, mostly Dr’s and Nurses, OT’s and Physio’s and my GP just gave me blank stares and never said anything.

One of these strange symptoms, I call them that because Dr Pestridge, my GP at Ringwood Surgery in the 2000’s always did. They were my ‘strange and unexplained symptoms’. 

Anyway, I’ve wandered again, which is one of the problems of Traumatic Brain Injury, wandering, both figuratively and literally!

Yes, now where was I?  Oh yes, my strange symptoms.

The weirdest one of all was the sudden and random pouring of water from my nose. I know it’s weird, and was never explained by anyone. I just got the typical  blank stares all round, from Dr Burns, to the Audiologist, to Dr Nick Moffat and even my GP’s.

This was because I was only seeing people who either didn’t know, or who were just covering up the Hospital and Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi’s negligence.

I do know now though, found out in the last few weeks, from Dr Brooke, Neurosurgeon at Southampton General Hospital.

Go on have a guess? No? OK, I’ll tell you, and Nope you’d never have guessed in a million years.  It’s actually my Cerebral Spinal Fluid, yup, that stuff that circulates all round the brain and spine.

By the way, it’s not supposed to leak! 

After looking at my Brain MRI from a few years ago, when I was misdiagnosed as having had a stroke, and studying Dr’s Papers and reports on the www., I found I have another undiagnosed serious Injury from the accident.

Oh yes, it’s never ending the complete incompetence of Poole NHS Trust Foundation knows no bounds.

I have a Deviated Septum, which is caused by Traumatic Head Injury, which causes the Cerebral Spinal Fluid to leak from the nasal passages. 

Ah and it gets even better.  You are very susceptible to get infections in your Brain & Spine from it.

Which brings me to summer 2009 when I phoned Ringwood Surgery to get an appointment with Dr Hogan, my GP.  Alas I was foolish enough to tell the receptionist that I had a temperature of 104 and had some kind of infection.
She didn’t wait to hear anything else as the GP’s and Surgeries were in the midst  of their Swine Flu paranoia. Consequently, I must have swine flu.  I wasn’t allowed to make an appointment. 

The next thing I know, I’m talking to Dr Hogan who’s telling me I have swine flu and to stay at home, not to go to the hospital or to the surgery.

Oh I argued and argued that I didn’t have swine flu, explaining I knew an infection when I had one, after all, I hadn’t had a spleen for quite some years.
I said I hadn’t sneezed and didn’t have anything like flu.  I’d had terrible spine pain and head pain the evening before and had to lie down.  I felt ill so went to bed, and just woke up with my entire mouth and throat practically closed up, I could barely breathe, and had a temp of 104.

Would Dr Hogan listen? Oh no, I most definitely had swine flu! 

Alan was to go and collect the ‘Tamiflu’ from the chemist, and I had to take it!
I managed to get him to prescribe Penciillin V too, thank god, or he would most definitely have killed me.

I had hallucinations for the rest of the day, awake and sleeping.  Alan was so scared he stayed with me for the entire time, as Dr Hogan had told him not to go to work either.

By the following morning, I woke up unable to sit up in bed, as my entire spine was swollen, up to and all across my neck.  I pushed myself and had to stretch to just sit up.  As I did so, it felt as if all up my spine, was like a train track with all the railway sleepers crossing my spine and going off into lines across my entire back, now imagine those all stuck together on either side, and being pulled together and up?

I really can’t explain it, but it felt as if every nerve in my spine was now somehow stuck and pulling.

I felt like my spinal cord was being pulled at the bottom and top of my spine. I had terrible pressure in my head and pain.

I’d red blotches all over, like meningitis.

I’d palpitations, which were going crazy.

My feet and hands were burning and vibrating and buzzing. 
I had terrible Double Vision, much worse than it had been from the accident, & could barely see.

Alan tried phoning the hospital to see what to do, but no one phoned back.  Then he tried to get through to someone in the heart department to see if they could get a heart monitor so someone could see what was going on with my heart.
Again, no one phoned back.  We were now terrified.  He left me for an hour and went to get one of those Dr’s scope thingy’s that they listen to your heart with.

That terrified him even more when he could hear what was going on.

By now I had lost control of my bowels and water works, my spine was swollen and I’d lost all feeling in my back, bottom etc..

We tried phoning the Ringwood Surgery and no one phoned back.

On the fourth day, Dr Thompson phoned back and said to stop taking the Tamiflu.

That was it! 

Dr Hogan at Ringwood Surgery had now not only just nearly killed me, he had now given me the gift of a 'Tethered Spinal Cord', through his negligence.

Oh and by the way?  Dr Hogan knew I had a Syrinx, it was on my records, it had just been ‘legally’ found, the previous month and he still hadn’t told me.  

I’d got a copy of my blood test results a few days before.  That was how I found out I had two Syrinx in my spine.

I was extremely ill for six months afterwards, with fevers, night sweats, vibrations in my hands and feet. I couldn't even lie down or sleep because of my new back and head pain, and pressure.  I couldn't read anything in the paper or on my computer screen at all anymore, due to the damage to my sight.  And all while trying to find out what a Syrinx was and why it was there.

No one did a thing, everyone ignored me, lied to me and everytime I tried to get help I was blocked, by the very Dr’s who had supposed to be there to help me.

I didn't know I'd suffered a new bout of negligence and cover up and that they'd nearly killed me, and that it was all related to the orginal negligence they were and still are covering up, until this week. 

I am so ashamed of Britain and the NHS and Legal System now. I was quite proud to be British before, and if you'd asked me three years ago whether I'd have ever complained about a Dr in Britain, I'd have said emphatically NO!  Just how blind can one person be.