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Page 25 Neurological Occupational Therapist ~ Re-learning cooking and washing!

I tried very hard to get better, doing all the exercises I was given, and worked really hard, but I didn’t seem to be getting better.

I was referred to Neuro Occupational Therapy, and a young lady came round to my house to help me with techniques to cope with my Brain Injury.

I only got a few visits, but she helped immensely.

I found out from my medical records that she recorded my learning difficulties as 'Profound'.

But that's all there is, despite the law saying my medical records should be kept for life, due to Brain Injury, Poole NHS Trust has destroyed these records.  
And there's not a lawyer in the land will help me, well, not without taking my home from me, and that's with no promises attached. You see Karen Thompson, immediately after defrauding me in my Personal Injury Claim, got a promotion to Partner at Lester Aldridge, within days. Then she got herself to a position where she advises the Law Society, and she sits on the Solicitors Advisory Panel, the disciplinary Panel to be precise.  So you see there really is nowhere to go for justice in the UK with that level of corruption. 

She taught me to put little notes all round the house.
I had notes by the bed, telling me to get up, then on the wardrobe to tell me to get dressed.
I had notes telling me to brush my teeth, wash, and to brush my hair, dotted on the walls and mirror in the bathroom.
She taught me to put notes on the washing machine, to put whites only, and no colours! Then another note to tell me to put woollens on a gentle wash. LOL

I had some beautiful handmade jumpers with pictures on that I had knitted by hand before the accident, as well as hand knitted aran cable jumpers and mohair sweaters.  The picture jumpers had Classic Art works knitted into them, like the Poppy Fields and Michael Angelo’s David. 
I had ruined several of these recently when trying to do the washing, as well as spoiling many clothes by mixing my ‘coloureds’.  These are all things you don’t think of, but you have to learn and re-learn them all again.

She even came up with an idea how to get the washing down the stairs.  I was still unable to lift anything, least of all a pile of washing. 
So it was I used to take bits of washing to the top of the stairs and just drop them, hopefully they would land on the bottom stairs, then I would pick them off the bottom stairs and take them to the washing machine, one or two pieces at a time.
I’m not moaning, it meant I could do the washing!

She then tried to teach me cook a meal, which wasn’t as successful. 

I had been unable to even lift my copper saucepans or frying pan, since the accident. 
I was unable to cook at this time anyway, but later on, we had to buy new lighter saucepans and frying pans to enable me to even be able to lift them with food in.  I couldn’t lift a normal pan of potatoes even then! 
I was constantly burning myself on the oven, and cutting myself accidentally with knives. Oh, and there was the time I stabbed myself in the arm! To this day, I still do, I'll even put my hand into boiling water in a pan on the stove. 

I was unable to lift my cups or plates either, my hands, fingers and thumbs would just collapse. Those plastic drinks bottles for Cola n stuff? Just slipped through my hands.  

I never knew why, and no one told me.  They must have known though, that all my problems were symptoms of much more serious injuries and Syrinx. 

We had to buy lighter china, smaller cups, etc. 
Then there was the problem that I just kept dropping the new china all the time, I can’t think how many plates and cups we must have got through!
I was throwing knives forks and spoons away as well. 

But first, I had to re-learn how to cook!
I was told to think about the things I would need and then to make a list, I then had to get Alan to take me to the shops to buy these things.  Well that in itself was not a success, as I couldn’t think what ingredients I needed!  
I was unable to lift anything and a Supermarket on my own, getting there and back safely on my own, remembering to take money, keys and purse was completely out of the question!

I then had to practise cooking a meal that I’d bought the products for, on her next visit.  I don’t remember why, but it didn’t work.  She watched me trying to cut carrots and potatoes, and stopped me, I’m still dangerous when trying to do this as I cannot hold things properly, so I should imagine that’s why she stopped me.

I think she was right about how dangerous I was in the kitchen!  Later on, I would set fire to the oven, the grill, and even things on top of the cooker. 

So Alan has to supervise me when cooking, we kind of do it together. He makes sure by prompting me, that all the ingredients go in, and in the right order, that things are turned on and off when required, as I just forget.  He gets everything in and out of the oven, partly because of my inability to do so because of my back problems and also so I don’t burn myself. He strains heavy saucepans, so I don't pour boiling water on myself! Then he remembers to time it all, or I would be regularly burning the house down.

I have to stick to simple cooking, for instance, I've never been able to make cakes, bread or biscuits since. We also have regular takeaways, and to make things easier, we have ‘same pot meals’, you know, where you put it all in the pot together. Then the poor soul has the same meal for two days.  No life has never been normal since 1st April 1995.

There's also the cooking of two meals at the same time! I'd start a meal, get Alan to put it in the oven, then forget  I’d done so, and start cooking a new meal on the stove and in the grill! But I'd miss out half the ingredients, and wonder why it didn't taste right! LOL The dog ate well!

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