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Page 23 Dr Burns Neuro Rehab, Negligently Failed to Diagnose Syrinx

All the things I told Dr Burns, Neuro Rehab, Poole NHS Trust were actually Syrinx symptoms.  I didn’t even begin to realise this until June 2010.   

Each day I learn more and remember more.
No one has helped me since finding my Syrinx officially in May 2009, they’ve been too busy covering up the previous negligence and fraud. 
I've had to rely on the internet to find out about Syrinx, but I have stuck to medical papers. I must add, I didn't research my MRI images and corresponding symptoms initially, as I didn't realise I was being deliberately neglected until June 2010.  Until this point I believed the Dr's I had seen, were actually honest.
Dr Mendoza and his associate at Charing Cross, had told me my Syrinx was most definitely caused by my accident, 8 months prior to this, but I hadn’t understood why they were so positive of this before. He and his associate were quite shocked, to the point of asking 'what on earth was I doing here'?  At that time all I knew was Coughing and Sneezing could make it grow!
I now know the reason for their certainty was because of the very same things that I told Dr Burns after my accident.
The fact I could not move from the chest down for several days afterwards, was the key point in diagnosing my Syrinx as being from my accident, as opposed to it having developed later, say due to the hospital not treating my Brain Injury, they probably made it worse, but it was caused in the accident. 
It wasn't caused later by the Arachnoiditis, Arachnoid Cysts and Adhesive Arachnoiditis that followed my spinal Injuries over the years either, although that will probably make it worse over the years to come.
There were many other symptoms I had told Dr Burns, which meant he was quite sure I had a Syrinx, but which he ignored and did nothing about for five more years.
Plus, I never got to see the Neurologist who he'd promised he was sending me to. I never got to see a Neurologist at all under Poole NHS Trust Hospital, despite being diagnosed with a Severe Closed Brain Injury?
These days I think Poole NHS Trust hospital got rid of the Neurologist, purely so he couldn't diagnose my 'Syrinx'?
It's been a pattern since my accident.  When I get sent to someone who is honest, appears to care, and wants to help me find out what's wrong?  
I NEVER see them again, the next time I go back to find out what they're going to do, they're gone!  Then I get someone who is dismissive and who seems to have been put in for this appointment just to dismiss me as NFA (No Further Action).
Anyway, there I go again, wandering off! 
The Floaters, black squiggly lines and dots, in my eyes are due to my Syrinx.
The Double Vision, or Diplopia is another symptom of Syrinx.
The Tinnitus I have suffered ever since is another symptom.
The convulsions when coming round from the first operation were due to the swelling and fluid on my brain. 
Not treating Closed Brain Injury causes Syrinx formation and the cerebellar tonsils being pushed down into the spinal canal.  
The numbness and weakness in my hands and arms, are another Syrinx symptom. 
The shooting pains down into my hands and arms when swallowing and coughing are all caused by the Syrinx.
The choking when eating, drinking and swallowing due to not being able to control or feel things properly in my throat are all due to my Syrinx.

The dreadful pain in my feet and spasms in my legs causing me to be unable to put my heel to the ground physically. The inability to move my toes, or feel in the outside of my foot and ankle are all due to my Syrinx. 
The Sciatica or pain running down the outside and back of both legs is another Syrinx and spinal injury symptom.
The severe 3 to 4 day long headaches, and pressure in my head when standing up, directly due to my Syrinx. 
The water pouring out of my nose after having severe headaches for days at a time, were due to a Deviated Septum and Dural Tears from my accident.
The smell of burning rubber is actually a symptom of Brain Tumor, but in my case it was a sign of swelling and fluid on my brain!
The unexplained weakness I’ve suffered in my arms and legs ever since my accident is a major indication of Syrinx.  
The complete loss of control of my body from the waist down, with no warning, after a sharp pain and pressure in my head, feeling as if my spinal cord had been cut, were all due to my Syrinx!
The inability to feel cold, from the chest down in the pool and generally, that was all due to my Syrinx.
I could go on and on, but I think you already get the picture! 
Dr Burns did nothing about these symptoms, he should have ordered an MRI of my spine to look for a Syrinx.  He did nothing. 
The first thing Dr Burns asked me and my husband during my second appointment was who was the car driver insured with? 

He then asked who I was insured with? Alan told him the car driver was insured with Drake Insurance Co and I was insured with 'Bennetts' who specialise in Motorcycle Insurance. 
I was told recently that Drake Insurance were related in some way to Bennetts.

Dr Burns then wrote Bennetts and circled it on my medical records?

This was for the benefit of his and the hospitals Insurance Co and the hospitals Legal Team.  It was all to do with protecting himself, and the hospital from any comeback.  

It was about whether their own Insurance Co's and Underwriters would be liable if the hospital did allow my Syrinx to be diagnosed. 
Dr Burns was completely unconcerned with the fact I could die from my Syrinx?  
His only concern was saving money for the Insurance Co and protecting Poole NHS Trust from being liable.  After all, he knew Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi was extremely negligent, and that he'd only just started at the hospital, fresh out of India. 
Dr Burns knew if he diagnosed me properly and gave me an MRI to look for my Syrinx, he would be making the hospital liable for my undiagnosed Injuries. 
It does make you wonder, 'How many other people are now lying in a vegetative state in Poole NHS TRust Hospital, due to his negligence'?

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  1. oh my, this seems like a lot for one person to handle - I hope you have sufficient help now.