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Page 21 Lester Aldridge Partner charged with Fraud and Child Pornography

Prior to the accident, Alan had paid the mortgage and bills with his income and I would work to support him, as he was able to earn more than me.  

My income would pay for the food shopping and living expenses.  We had lived like this for seven years, and the next seven years he was supposed to be supporting me in my career.   
I had an interview the week after my accident, at Hamworthy Engineering as a trainee machine operator.  This was to be my future career, I had been very good at CNC machine operating in Micro Electronics, and thought this might be better for me, a better future and payrate.   
We were supposed to be emigrating to either Australia or New Zealand once I had better career prospects.   
Alan had to phone the Agencies I worked for and let them know I wouldn’t be coming back to work for some time, he also phoned the JobCentre to cancel my interview. 
We were in a time when there had been recession for five years and we were just coming out of it, things were looking brighter, we were better off, after having struggled the last five years with our first house and huge mortgage.
We had taken out a loan for my bike the year before, which had to be paid.  The bike was in storage and was running up a bill, for it’s recovery and storage. 
I had been unable to wear any of my clothes since the accident.  For the first few months I had to get clothes on over wires and fixators.  Then jeans and rigid clothes were too painful to wear, jeans hurt my lumbar spine and the bottom of my spine, which I now know was due to my badly broken coccyx. 
I couldn’t get into any of my clothes anyway as I had put weight on from the undiagnosed Post Traumatic Hypothyroidism.  I couldn’t wear a bra anymore, it caused huge pain in my jaw, neck, base of skull, right side of my neck and shoulder, as well as in the centre of my back.  Besides this I couldn’t reach to do up a bra.  Clothes were suddenly too heavy. 
My shoes were too painful on my feet, I couldn’t wear high heels or anything with any kind of a heel.  Over the next few months my shoes also became too small, I went from a size 6 to a 6 and a half and then a size 7 shoe. 
We had lots of extra expense and no money to pay for all these things.  We had not been paid anything for the damaged or extra clothing and shoes we had to buy.  Nor had we been paid for the bike which was written off. 
We couldn’t go out anywhere, not even for shopping, as we had no car to take me out in, so I was completely housebound.  We had to borrow Alan’s mum’s car just so that he could take me to the shops etc. 
After Alan went back to work a few months later, I had to pay £6 for each hospital trip and I was now attending the hospital three times a week, so we were really struggling.
Alan took me to the DHSS in the summer and I was sent to several different departments who all proceeded to tell me that I had no entitlement to any benefits.  We later found out that someone who I had worked for in previous years had failed to pay my stamps leaving me a single stamp short one year.  One of these women I remember was extremely rude looking down her nose at me, presumably because I was dressed in loose fitting hippy type clothes, being the lightest stretchy clothing we could find for me.  I remember her because she had loads of gold jewellery, bracelets, rings and necklaces, whilst she sat there telling Alan and I we would get no help with trying to keep our home, on top of everything else that had happened.
Over the summer months Alan phoned Karen Thompson at Lester Aldridge on several occasions, concerned about my Brain Injury and the fact I still hadn’t seen anyone.  
We were also worried about money as we had a huge mortgage and now had only one income.  
We wanted her to get us some of the help that she had promised.   
On each occasion he would be told that she couldn’t take his call as the Legal Aid had not come through, so she was not able to act for me yet.  
We didn’t know this was highly suspicious and I now believe she was avoiding me until I had been seen by Dr Burns, Neuro Rehab.  
I now know it’s also the mark of a very bad lawyer.  
We had no idea we would not see my Solicitor again for another five years, until she had successfully covered up my Syrinx, deviated septum, broken neck, lumbar spine and broken coccyx with the help of Mark Stephen Lomas of 3PB Barristers and Tina Bradford, Solicitor. Now Tina Martell, Senior Lecturer, at Bournemouth University.  

We now know at the very moment Karen Thompson was told of my Brain Injury and subsequently when I diagnosed with a Severe Brain Injury, she should have gone to the Courts.  My Neurological Occupational Therapist, in 1996/7 two years after my accident described my learning difficulties and problems understanding, as 'PROFOUND'.
Lester Aldridge were completely negligent and should have applied to the Courts for a ‘Legal Friend’ to be appointed to me.
Karen Thompson was breaking the law again, as well as being negligent in not doing so. I was in no position to understand anything that was going on.

She wasn't the only person breaking the law at Lester Aldridge, as around this time Robert David Norman Lowe, 44, who was a practising Partner in Lester Aldridge, and who was a Paedophile, had been arrested and charged. They had evidence of him posessing paedophile material for 14 years! He was sentenced to 7 months in prison, in 1995 when Lester Aldridge took my case, which is not long really? Well after all he was a Partner in a big local law firm, well known to the local judicial system.   It wasn't until 1996, 18 months after his arrest and a year after he'd been sentenced in 1995 that the Law Society struck him off and ordered him to pay £943, for pleading guilty at Bournemouth Crown Court to fraudulent evasion of prohibition or restriction on the importation of indecent and obscene material. The police seized 164 video cassettes, 362 magazines, 271 photographs, nine camcorder tapes and camcorder equipment, all said by Dorset police to be of a paedophile nature. The question is, was he also making paedophile videos? Who knows? 
Lester Aldridge do have a reputation to this day even for Defending Paedophiles in our courts. 

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