Thursday, 10 March 2011

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I was referred back to Dr Peters, Oral & Maxillofacial Consultant at Poole NHS Trust Hospital for help with my broken jaw.  

I had pain and instability in my jaw area on the right side along with terrible pain in my neck and shoulder area around the base of my skull.

This pain was actually from my Syrinx,
broken neck and Severe Spinal Injuries.  It’s pain that has stayed with me almost constantly, day and night for 17 years.

Dr Burns knew this pain was from my Syrinx but kept referring me back to Dr Peters and blaming it on my broken jaw, as part of the cover up of my Severe Spinal Injuries. 

This was done to stop us questioning what was really wrong and looking for other reasons for my pain.

It was also why I was never given a proper Consultation, because they were just ‘going through the motions’.

After the initial fleeting visit by Dr Peters while I was in the hospital, I mostly only ever saw a trainee.  

Anyway, I sat in a chair for a few minutes, opened and shut my mouth on demand and was told to stick to a soft diet. 

There were several Dr’s seeing  patients in the same room. I presume they were trainees and Dr Peters was there somewhere.  Who knows, he may have been the one to see me, I can’t honestly say.

I was given different diagnoses by Oral & Maxillofacial each time I saw them.  A sure sign, or so I have learnt, that you are being deliberately misdiagnosed to cover something up.

Sometimes I had a broken jaw sometimes I had damage to the TMJ.  I was always told it was nothing to worry about and a few exercises would sort it out. 

Except they didn’t sort it out.  

We would later find out from Dr Markus, ENT Consultant, that my TMJ was actually ‘pulped’ from the repeated impact of my head hitting the tarmac.

Alan asked about my teeth which were broken and dislocated in the accident and were now settled at an angle. Some were very sharp due to broken edges and cracked fillings from the impact of my accident.  All of which, along with my neck and jaw problems, was making it hard to eat. 

We were told I should see a dentist for this.  But obviously, I couldn’t at this time as I had terrible neck pain, head and jaw area pain and instability.

The right side of my face was still not moving very much, and can best be described as if I’d had a stroke.

I was then sent to a Physiotherapist, Fiona Collier for Physio on my jaw.  I had a couple of appointments with her before she told me I didn’t need to see her anymore.

There was no need for the further scheduled appointments, there was nothing she could do, I just had to keep doing the excercises. 

The appointments were only a few minutes each time, no treatments or anything, just a diagram of exercises which I practised in front of her. 

That didn’t help either.

About two months after the accident I started physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy for my knee, and hands. 

Still no one was listening to us about my spinal problems or my brain Injury yet. 

I was given exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee and told to get ankle weights to help with this, which I did.  I was given excercises for my hands, which consisted of picking up marbles and placing them in a game of solitaire.  Other excercises involved picking up paperclips and another of rolling a short piece of what can only be described as a broom handle with a weighted piece of string, round and round in my hands to wind the string up and the same in reverse.   Later on, the therapist made a little spring for my left little finger as it was still not moving months after the accident. I would sit for hours each day trying to move this finger and eventually managed to, I was later told that I had not been expected to be able to recover this function. 

The complete instability with my right wrist was never resolved as it had been re-broken in the final days of my hospital stay and not plastered until 5 weeks after my accident.  I was given excercises of squeezing sponges and later balls.  I had to lift tins of beans to strengthen my hands and wrists, I bought little barbells to replace these. 

I had support bandages on both hands and wrists for 6 months after my accident.  My hands remained weak no matter what excercises I did and I was later told to buy wrist supports to help with my collapsing wrists and hands. 

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