Monday, 17 January 2011

Page 19 The Inadequate Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi

Alan stayed at home looking after me, and having used up all his Holiday Entitlement, went to his GP who immediately signed him off work. 

Alan was still getting me up, washing, drying, dressing me, and brushing my teeth.  I couldn’t use the disabled toothbrush the OT had made me for me yet.

Alan continued lifting me step by step up and down stairs, and in and out of bed.  He was still sleeping in a sleeping bag at the bottom of the bed, while I carried on resting my arms on pillows while sleeping on my back.

I started Physiotherapy for my hands, completely unaware Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi had used me as a ‘Guinea Pig’.  Had been allowed to practice on me with disastrous consequences and was totally inexperienced in ‘Hand Surgery’. 

My left little finger was shattered but was merely bandaged to my ring finger, which was also broken.  My left hand bone, below my little finger was also broken.  My left thumb was shattered as well, but had only had a ‘K’wire put down through it! 

I now have a left little finger that is a half inch shorter than it was, which barely moves. A left ring finger that curls upwards, and a left thumb that doesn’t bend.  As well as a completely unstable right wrist, which is a sight on it's own, and an unstable right thumb that kinda goes round a corner when I bend it!

He certainly kept his word when he said he would only fix one hand properly! 

Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi had aspirations, of being a famous Hand Surgeon.

The qualified Hand Surgeon for the area was at the Hospital I was supposed to have been sent to, Salisbury District Hospital, or Odstock as it was known.

Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi fled to Texas as soon as Karen Thompson finalised my case in 2001. 

He’s still there now, doing foot surgery, so never did make it to ‘Hand Surgeon’, obviously a blessing for the Dear People of Texas!

He writes hundreds of papers which he self publishes on the www. 

I looked him up on those ‘Dr Ratings’
Websites, and he has a rating of 1 to 2 stars out of a possible five stars! So I think his poor patients are still suffering very badly at his hands. 

It does make you wonder though. If you’ve written 100’s of papers in that amount of time, exactly where is the time left for learning, doing any surgery or for patient care?  

I should imagine he’s still too arrogant to listen to anything his patients say to him.  

I pity the man as he is still looking to be a ‘Famous Surgeon’ without the slightest realisation that he is in fact, ‘inadequate’.

It says a lot about a man when, with the sort of money he must earn, his charitable donations, are at the very bottom of the rankings of ‘giving.’ 

You know, where they barely even acknowledge that you’ve given as the amount was so insignificant. 

So all in all, he’s still full of his own self-inflated importance.  

When he operated on me, he hadn’t long been out of India, had only just started working at Poole Hospital and could barely speak a word of English. 

If he’d been able to converse properly I wouldn’t have been able to mistake him for a cleaner.

When it comes to something so important as ‘life and death’, a Dr should be able to converse with the patient at the highest level possible.

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