Wednesday, 8 September 2010

How To Make Sure Your Future Is Considered In Your Whiplash Injury Claim

Today I am taking a detour from telling you about my accident and how I was treated negligently by Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi, and Dr Burns, at Poole NHS Trust Hospital.

Today I want to tell you why I’m here, on the www  telling my story on my blog and Twitter, warning people about Syrinx and the corruption of Britain’s Dr’s, Lawyers and Ins Co’s.

Besides the undiagnosed Deviated Septum with Dural Tears, broken neck, back, coccyx and Brain Injury, there is one very important injury that was also missed.

The Syrinx in my spinal cord.  You’ve probably never heard of it before, but it’s highly important to everyone who drives a car or rides a bike.  Even if you don’t and you travel by car, bus or Train, it’s vital you know about this.

A third of all SYRINX are caused by Trauma.  If you take into account the fact this figure is skewed by the Dr’s who cover this up and attribute it as idiopathic, the figure is probably much, much higher. 

The trauma I am talking about is WHIPLASH injury.

Which is precisely why this is so important to you.  Millions of people in the world have suffered WHIPLASH injury.  You or someone you know may already unknowingly have a Syrinx from a whiplash injury and be completely unaware of it.

But what is a Syrinx?  It’s a hole that runs through your spinal cord, caused by traumatic injury to the spinal cord itself.  This hole gets full of spinal fluid and gradually expands and lengthens until it reaches the brain.  It causes pain in other parts of the body, loss of feeling and eventually paralysis or death.

Now you might ask, “Why does this matter to me?”

It actually matters more to you and your loved ones than it does to me.  I know it’s going to kill me, I live with that every day.

The reason it matters is because there’s a Global Insurance Co. driven, ‘Cover Up’ of Syrinx, and it’s aided by Dr's, Lawyers and Hospitals. 

There is a very good reason why Dr’s and Lawyers cover this up too. 

The hospital do so because they have usually failed to treat a TBI patient correctly if at all, which means the Ins Co could blame this for causing the Syrinx.

The Lawyers do so because they’re usually closely involved with all the people at the hospital, they’re usually friends.  Then there are the ones who do deals with the opposition lawyers to load their Legal Fees, which the other side agree to pay.  Plus they don’t want to do any actual work for their money and their case could collapse if they haven’t done their job properly by the time a Syrinx is found, so it’s better to cover it up.

Then there’s the even more important totally corrupt scenario and probably the main reason for this.  The Insurer of the hospital and Lawyer are frequently the same Insurer of the Car Driver who hit you!  Meaning they would actually be suing themselves.

I wasn’t aware of this until I started writing my blog and Tweeting on Twitter. 
Since then I've had dozens of people contact me to tell me the exact same thing happened to them. 

Their own Dr’s, Lawyers and Hospital covered up their Syrinx, Arachnoiditis and Serious Spinal Injuries.

You may have friends, relatives and loved ones, who’ve had a WHIPLASH injury.  I’ve read medical papers where people have got a SYRINX from a barrel falling on them, or from falling out of a tree.

My point is, it doesn’t need to be as violent a crash as mine for you or your loved ones to be suffering from Syrinx. 
Mine was deliberately covered up by Poole NHS Trust Hospital from the first few days I was in hospital.  Then  Karen Thompson Solicitor of Lester Aldridge, my own lawyer covered it up, deliberately destroying my injury claim. 
She did this by using Dr’s from the same hospital where I was negligently treated as my ‘Medical Experts’. 
She never sent me to a Neurologist, despite a Moderately Severe Brain Injury which was eventually found, five months later!
She never sent me to see anyone who was qualified in dealing with Brain Injury victims, something which is vital to properly assess injuries.
She never sent me to see a Neurosurgeon or anyone else for that matter about my Severe Spinal Injuries.  This allowed her to make sure the Syrinx, broken neck, back, coccyx and Arachnoiditis and Deviated Septum with Dural Tears wasn’t found.

To allow her to commit all this Fraud, she deliberately failed to get a ‘Legal Friend’ allocated to me by the Court, something which is essential in a Brain Injury Case.

My back problems were blamed on minor problems like Sciatica, and muscle strain, as were my neck symptoms. 

The numbness in my hands and arms was blamed on neck strain, and so it went on, with all my symptoms being ignored or passed off with excuses.  The most common of which were, ‘well you’ve had a very nasty accident, what do you expect?’ Or ‘Whiplash can take a very long time to get better.’
I foolishly believed all these stories as they were coming from the very people I had put my trust in, my Doctors.  I had little choice in this, as I had a Brain Injury.
Lucky for you, you don’t. 

There are millions of people who suffer WHIPLASH injury in Cars in Road Traffic Accidents every year, worldwide.  There are a great number of these people who have never been given an MRI to see whether they have a SYRINX.


I do not say that to scare you.  But if you or a loved one have had weakness in any part of your body since a WHIPLASH injury, they too could have a SYRINX.
I had pains in my feet, another symptom of SYRINX.  I had Sciatica, down both legs, another symptom of SYRINX, being in both legs, not one.  Pressure in my head when standing up, terrible headaches not relieved by painkillers, that went on for days.  Pains in the side of my head, shooting pains into my hands, and electric shock type sensations down my neck.  All of these are symptoms of SYRINX.

Doctors also don’t want to give you MRI as it is expensive, so you would be lucky to get one after a car crash.

Most of these companies who are set up to give you a ‘Quickie Settlement’, promising ‘Five Grand’ for a WHIPLASH injury, don’t care about you or whether you have actually got a SYRINX.  They just want their fee from the Insurance Company.  Frequently they are actually set up by the Ins Co.

Hence they’re not even going to tell you that you could have a SYRINX.  If they’re not set up by the Ins Co’s they’ll be doing deals with the Insurance Company to reduce your claim by 50%.  

Why would anyone do this to an accident victim?  The difference between a payout for a Syrinx and a Whiplash is £/$millions, literally, they do it for money!

You will never make a successful and fair Personal Injury Claim or Hospital Negligence Claim in the UK.  They are very very rare, and usually only allowed to succeed if the victim is a seriously injured child with lifetime care needs.

So NEVER trust your own Lawyer or Dr’s, they do not have your interests as heart.  Research all your injuries yourself on the www.  Buy books on MRI and learn how to read your own MRI.

Insist on your spine being MRI’d before you settle your claim and that ALL copies of them are sent to you prior to settling your claim and that the reports and images are sent to you too.   Never, trust your Lawyer with this.

NEVER settle out of court without a provision to go back to court, should you ever develop a SYRINX or ARACHNOIDITIS.

Always hire a Law Firm from a different area or Town to the Hospital you were treated in.

Make sure your Lawyer uses Specialist Independent Medical Experts, Dr’s and Consultants, out of the Area and who are not Pals of the Dr’s at Hospital you were treated at. Do not be afraid to insist on this.  It is your life, your health, and your future.

INSIST that anything they tell you on the phone is copied to you in writing, before you agree to or take action on anything!
Never part with any paperwork to do with your case, copy it all and put it in a big box in the loft.

BEFORE accepting a settlement or closing your case, insist on a complete Archive File of your case being sent to you, and keep it, NEVER part with it.

Take care! 


  1. I am a neurologist and This is a awesome story and the coverup even involves Judges . This is massive and insurance agents will take action against doctors who try to expose this.