Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Page 7 - The Surgery & First Night on The Ward

The next thing I remember is coming round from the operation.

There was a nurse talking to me, calling my name and telling me to wake up.  My body went into violent fitting/Spasms/Convulsions  from the chest up only, my back arched.  The nurse was terrified, and called another nurse over to help her.  She was holding onto me, but I cannot remember where just that she was trying to help me, and was touching me.

The two nurses were discussing how much morphine I had already had.  They were saying I'd already had 14mg and couldn’t have any more.  One of the nurses went off to find a Dr but this was late on Saturday evening, as I had been in surgery for some hours.The other nurse stayed with me.  
We all now know that Dr's don't work weekends in British Hospitals and you're far more likely to die in one because of this.
I don’t know how long the convulsions went on, but it was for 20 to 30 minutes at minimum, they just happened again and again. It was almost continuous.  It was also exhausting.
Needless to say the Dr never came and I was taken back to the ward some time after the convulsions stopped.  
The convulsions/fitting were caused by the failure to recognise and treat my Brain Injury which causes the Brain to swell. 
The hospital would have known this as well as knowing that failure to treat Brain Injury in itself causes Syrinx.

In the early hours of the morning, I felt the need to GO.  I hadn't been for nearly 20 hours.  I just managed to make a loud enough noise, in the quiet of the night, to attract the attention of the two night nurses, a male and a female.

The nurses told me to lift myself up.  I couldn’t.  They tried to lift me, struggled and then got cross with me, telling me I had to help them.  I tried really hard to move but nothing happened.  They eventually moved me, and then got cross with me again as it took me ages before I could GO.
The reason I couldn't move was because of the Syrinx that had now formed in my spinal cord.  But at the time, and with a Brain Injury. I had no idea that all this was very wrong and extremely serious, nor that it would affect the rest of my life.
The night nurses would have known the implications involved in my not being able to move and recorded this.  
Poole NHS Trust Hospital knew from this moment on that they could not diagnose or allow my Syrinx and Spinal Injuries to be found now.  The reason being that the Insurance Co could now use their Negligence to blame for the cause of the Syrinx.  
More time and money is spent by Dr's and the Lego-Medico departments in our hospitals making sure the Negligence of British Dr's never sees the light of day than any of us would ever have known or believed possible.
I don’t think I slept at all, although I must have eventually got some sleep.  I was very frightened of going to sleep, in case I did not wake up.  Let me explain.  Everytime I thought I was falling asleep, my body would jolt me awake, it was as if I couldn’t breathe, as if my breathing had stopped.  Hence I became very frightened. This was caused by Central Apnea yet another delightful feature of Syrinx.  Your breathing can stop and you well, just die. 
This was my first night on the ward, after my accident. 

Poole Hospital were completely negligent in my care, they completely ignored my Head, neck, spine and Brain Injury, I received no treatment for any of it.  They should have MRI’d me immediately when I couldn’t move my legs.  They may well have caused the Syrinx by failing to treat the broken neck and brain Injury?
Did anyone stop to ask, ‘Hang on a minute, nobody lives from a 100mph crash normally, shouldn’t we do just a little bit more than a few X-Rays and send her up to the ward for hand operations?’ I sometimes wonder whether their neglect was because it was a Saturday, or maybe because I was supposed to be going to Odstock/Salisbury?  Maybe it was purely that one Dr had too much power, was arrogant, ignorant, and could barely speak English. Either way, the same mistakes are still happening today, due to arrogant ignorant Dr’s and a system where no one is allowed to say anything about a dangerous Dr in the system.  Not even when they’ve killed hundreds of victims does anyone say anything in this country.  So people die by the thousands in British Hospitals because you can’t say anything against a Dr or the system, the Great British Institution of the NHS.  Which is not so great when ‘First Do No Harm’ was replaced long ago with ‘Don’t Rock The Boat, or you’ll never work again!’  Dr’s in Britain no longer care how many people they kill each day or year, they don’t care about how much lifelong suffering they cause. It’s all in a days work.  When did having a fabulous reputation, and earning millions of £$ become a Dr’s First and Only concern?

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