Sunday, 15 August 2010

Page 9 The Following Few Days Were Pretty Uneventful

The following few days were pretty uneventful and I was still unable to move. 
A Dr did come to see me about the floaters and Double vision, although I didn’t know at the time this is what they were called.  All I knew was I could see lots of black dots and squiggles and I couldn’t see properly.  The best way I can describe it is like two lines of writing overlaid one on the other.  Everything had two outlines, guess that's why it's called Double Vision.  I now know it is called Diplopia as I had the same effect with just one eye open.   The Dr sat by my bed for a minute and asked me to describe what was wrong.  Well that seems hilarious now, as my brain injury was so bad then I was unable to remember each word after someone had said it.  Let alone string it all together and reply.  I did my best though, and I believe I just said ‘clouds’.  Don’t ask me?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Although I believe they sort of overlap don’t they?  Anyway, the Dr left saying there was nothing wrong.  My sight never got better.

At the time I was going through all of this, I had no idea why no one seemed to act on anything I told them. 
Later I thought Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi and subsequently all the Dr's who treated me, were just ignoring me, or were sceptical because there was obviously going to be a Compensation Claim for the Injuries received in my accident.
Now I know they were all covering up Dr Panchbhavi & Poole NHS Trust's Negligence from the very first night in that awful hospital.  
Others who work in these professions tell me, the reason for all this is: They're all insured by the same Ins Co's, the Dr's, hospital, solicitors etc., and will cover up your injuries if they think it might come back on them that they were negligent? 
Medical Experts also lie as they want the work from the Ins Co's.  Hence the genuine injured party doesn't stand a hope in hell of ever being treated fairly or receiving a fair settlement in an injury claim that won't leave them a Burden on The State.  In my case I had the double problem of Hospital Negligence and Legal Negligence, so I was never going to receive a fair settlement.

The nurses continued to feed, wash and toilet me.  On the fourth day, I was taken across to the bathroom in a sling hoist and lowered into the bath.  I was unable to hold my head up, it just flopped forward.
Alan and I always had a suspicion I had a broken neck, but as I said we were always told nothing was wrong, and trusted and believed everyone. Alan is Dyslexic and Autistic and I had a Brain Injury, and we both had absolute faith in the Dr's and Lawyers because we were totally unable to contemplate Deception.
Another  Dr came to see me and sat by my bed.  He asked about my jaw.  It felt like it was hanging down on the right, and wouldn't work.  I couldn't eat anything unless it was very soft.  Weetabix had been all I had eaten for the first few days.
He didn’t examine me either, and just said to eat soft food.  He did explain something about what was broken with my TMJ but I cannot remember well enough to explain.
I had now been in hospital for four days and not been examined by a Dr at all.  With Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi and the hospital continuing to deny my Brain Injury and doing nothing about it or my spinal injuries I don’t suppose I had much of a chance of ever getting treated properly.

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