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Page 8 April 2nd: The First Day On The Ward

On the 2nd of April, the day after the accident, the Day Nurses realised I couldn't move or lift my head. 

I kept saying I felt I had sharp rocks in my head, although due to my brain injury, the only words I used were “rocks” and “head”.   The nurses would show me the pillow and say there was nothing there.
The only way I can explain it is like this.  If you could imagine one of those big pointed pieces of Rock Crystal.  Now take several of varying lengths, and imagine them stuck deep inside your skull!  Then add huge, similar pain in your neck and you are getting there. 
I had to be flat on my back for 24 hours for some reason that nobody ever explained.  Now I know it was because of the Brain Injury which only goes to show they were well aware of it, but did nothing. 
Later in the day the nurses raised the head of the bed and supported me with more pillows, as I was unable to support myself.  Even then, unless my head was propped slightly forward, I couldn't breathe or move anything! 
I clearly had fluid on and swelling of the Brain which in itself could have caused or worsened my Syrinx due to it not even being recognised let alone treated.  This probably contributed to the size of it. I know the Syrinx was caused by the accident though, as I couldn't move my legs.  The seizures I suffered when coming round from the operation were due to swelling of the Brain and had a Dr bothered to come when called by the nurses? Who knows? If someone had recognised this then, my Syrinx might have been lessened or healed. 
Perhaps by finding and treating my broken neck, back and coccyx, I would have less arachnoiditis, calcified arachnoiditis and arachnoid cysts?
I will never know.  
The nurses had been told by Dr Panchbhavi to put a soft padded sling around my neck to support my arm.  The pain from this was  horrendous.  I was told I had to wear it initially, but eventually got the point across when my husband came and told them it was too painful on my neck and It was removed. 
This is just one of the stages where my medical records have been blatantly changed though.  
If they knew at this point I had a broken or dislocated neck, then why didn't they put some kind of neck brace on? 
Why would Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi instead, order a sling to support a broken wrist, which would have dislocated my neck making things worse, increasing the size of the syrinx?  I even have photos of the day after my accident showing  a sling round my neck to support my shattered hands, broken wrist and elbow.
Yet my medical records have all been neatly typed out for these first five days in hospital and say I had a dislocated neck and a penetrating ankle wound!   

Alan took some more photos.  He told me what had happened in the accident.  I couldn't remember any of the accident at first, but I kept asking and Alan kept telling.  I am sure he must have got fed up with this.  

I could feel fluid sloshing around in my right jaw, ear, skull and could barely lift my jaw.  I had bits of broken teeth in my mouth after the accident. Some of my teeth had been chipped and some were later found to be cracked from the impacts of the road to my helmet and head.  I had some back teeth that were so loose and dislocated that they were sitting over on my tongue, flapping about. 
My hands were swollen and I had black marker pen in arrows down my arms.
I kept telling the nurses I couldn't see properly.  I couldn't understand or remember anything, could barely speak and what I did say was not making any sense and was usually just a word on it’s own.
I was pretty much ‘out of it’ for the whole day and night.   I could barely sleep because I kept getting this sudden jump or jolt like my heart or breathing was stopping.  Kind of like my body system alarming out to wake me up so I didn't die.  Hence I became too frightened to sleep. I now know this is Central Apnea another feature of Syrinx.
I was being fed by the nurses, but as I couldn't eat anything due to my jaw not working, I was fed weetabix.
I was being toileted by the nurses, as I couldn't move.  I had internal bleeding which was also ignored.  My hospital photos even show the half sheet the nurses used over a rubber sheet to protect the bed. Alan particularly remembers being very concerned about this. Me? I was completely oblivious to everything.

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