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Page 11 Why my Dr's & Karen Thompson covered up my Syrinx and Spinal Injuries

How did we end up here, in this mess with a completely corrupt lawyer like Karen Thompson? 

Well, It was during the last week on the ward, when one of the nurses suggested Alan take me for a trip in a hospital wheelchair to 'get some air'.  She said there was a visiting/waiting room where we could go for a little privacy. 

Now you might find this suspicious, when you realise the nurse who suggested this had re-broken my wrist, the hospital had been negligent, and we were now sat in a waiting room with a leaflet dispenser on the wall which was full of leaflets for Lester Aldridge Solicitors, advertising Personal Injury Claims services?

Lester Aldridge handles the Charitable Funds for Poole hospital NHS Trust and are also on many of the same committees and organisations.

Plus we were later told by Dr Nick Moffat, on our last visit to him, immediately after being bullied into settling my case, that Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge was married to a Consultant at the hospital. 

There are so many websites about this corrupt law firm and it’s illegal practices out there.

You’ve only to type in ‘corrupt law firm, Lester Aldridge’ into your search engine to find them. 

Alan put a leaflet in his pocket and phoned Lester Aldridge a few days later, who said to ring back when I was out of hospital.

In Britain's NHS and Medical Industry nobody blows the whistle for fear they will never work again. Every Dr and Nurse has to 'Cover Up', every act of Negligence in the NHS, even to the point of letting thousands of patients die every year.

I'd always subscribed to the popular belief that Dr's knew what they were doing, were to be revered and listened to. 

I did everything I was told to, and believed every lie I was told without a single inkling that I'd been negligently treated from the time of my accident until 2010.

I've found a few good people in the midst of all this corruption.  The trouble with them though, was they chose to cover up for Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi and Poole NHS Trust Hospital.  They chose to  put my life at risk to protect him and the hospital from what they percieved as a 'possible' Negligence Claim.  

Which kind of goes against the oath,  ‘First, Do No Harm’.  

They certainly did harm and have nearly killed me.  

The irony of the whole situation is, If I'd been told I had these 'hidden' Injuries I would have been relieved to know what was wrong and wouldn't have Sued the hospital or Dr's at all.  

I would have received a Proper Damages Settlement and at least had some quality of life for the last 17 years and some Future!

But that wasn't the only reason they failed to tell me I may have a Syrinx and why they covered everything up from day 1.

It was because the Insurance Co., would have blamed them and left them liable for failing to treat my Brain Injury, Deviated Septum with Dural Tears, Broken Neck, Back, Coccyx etc..  

The failure to treat or even recognise these Injuries would have made them worse.

So they all lied.  Karen Thompson had taken advice from Mark Lomas of 3PB Barristers from the beginning on how to manage my Case to cover up the Negligence. 

They deliberately used Dr's who were from the same Hospital, who were totally unqualified in dealing with Brain Injury patients.  

This was so that they would be amenable to 'Cover up' their fellow Dr's Negligence.

A prime example of this is Dr Goodwin, Orthopaedic Consultant at Poole & Bournemouth and the Nuffield Hospitals, Bournemouth.  

He was supposed to be my Orthopaedic Medical Expert in my personal injury claim.   

He was so thorough in covering up what happened, he failed to do any MRI of my spinal Injuries, despite knowing I'd attended a year of Neuro Physio and been referred back to the hospital twice for severe back problems. 

In his first report about my Injuries, I'd miraculously developed two thumbs on the same hand.  That's how thorough he was investigating my problems.

Dr Goodwin commented in his final report that I'd not mentioned to him, as I had the opposition's Dr, that I'd pain in my left hip,  suggesting I was making it up.  

Now if he'd had any kind of qualifications in the Traumatic Brain Injury field, he would have known, I wouldn't remember where I get pain or why, unless I'm getting it at the time.  

He knew I had a Moderately Severe/Severe Brain Injury.

Dr Goodwin never examined me and concentrated only on my hands.  

I never could understand why everyone involved in my case, from the day I entered the hospital, to the day I was bullied into settling my case seemed to ignore everything 

I told them about all my difficulties. 

Promises would be made but never ever followed through. They knew I'd forget, never to remember again. 

Karen Thompson was never my Solicitor acting in my interests, not from the day Lester Aldridge sent her to see me. 

She was working for Poole NHS Trust Hospital from the first time I saw her, to cover up their Negligence.  

She even used my Legal Aid Fund to which we were contributing, to pay the very experts to cover up the Clinical Negligence at their own hospital! 

I was paying Karen Thompson to defraud me in my Injury Claim. That has to be Criminal. 

For this, she was rewarded with a Partnership, within days of manipulating me into settling my claim.

Karen Thompson and Mark Lomas of 3PB Barristers didn't tell me my spine was being MRI'd as they knew I had a Syrinx, broken neck and back in the accident and had no intention of telling me when it was found on MRI. 

When my Spinal Injuries were finally found after MRI requested by Professor Trimble and Dorothy Sproule, they covered it up and failed to tell me. 

There was another reason for this, the law was about to change to stop this form of corruption and loading of experts fees in Legal Aid cases.  

Everything they had done,  as well as being negligent, was ILLEGAL.  

It's a bit like MP's giving contracts to friends, it is rife, illegal and corrupt. 

Karen Thompson wasn't even working as a Personal Injury Lawyer throughout most of  the six years she was supposed to be dealing with my case.  

She was at home having two children and studying Compliance Law.

As the 'Compliance Officer' for Lester Aldridge she knew she had to get my case closed quickly. 

Karen Thompson should have gone to the Court to get me allocated a 'Legal Friend' as soon as she knew I had a Traumatic Brain Injury with Profound Difficulties. 

She didn't do this as she wouldn't have been able to carry out her illegal and corrupt plan if she had.

If my Syrinx and Spinal Injury results from the MRI were discovered, she would have to start my whole case again, with a whole new team of medical experts and the hospitals Negligence would have been discovered. 

So they bullied and frightened me into settling out of court.

Professor Michael Trimble the opposition expert was having a Field Day.  

He knew the Negligence meant he could get all the experts to agree to cover up the Syrinx they'd found when they did MRI of my spine without telling me in March 2000.  

Professor Michael Trimble even commented in his report that it was inappropriate for Lester Aldridge to have appointed Dr Nick Moffat, Clinical Psychologist at Poole NHS Trust Hospital as my expert.  

Karen Thompson had tried to block the opposition's requests for MRI which we couldn't understand as we had requested MRI of my spine, and were desperate to know why I hadn't got better. 

I now know so much more about why my own Solicitor planned and carried out this fraud over the many years of my Injury Claim. 


  1. Debs, I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles. Keep on at the bastards, even just to annoy them. Best of luck in the future.

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