Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Page 6 - Off to Surgery

I was taken to ward A2.

The injuries Poole hospital had found, from the few x-rays I had been given at this stage were:

Shattered hands, both thumbs and my left little finger (looked on x-ray as if someone had crumpled up a pile of eggshell and photographed it).
I had most of my fingers broken, as well as some of my hand bones and my right wrist was very badly broken.
My right elbow was also broken.
Everything else was completely ignored and when you consider this was a 100mph bike crash that no one normally survives, it beggars belief. 

After a while my husband came back.  Alan had brought a camera with him as the Policemen had told him to hire a solicitor and to take lots of photos.
We had no idea!
Alan took photos of some of my injuries before I was wheeled off to surgery.
I had a severe brain injury and my husband was in shock.

Dr Panchbhavi behaved like a Third World Dr in a supposedly 20th Century British Hospital.
At best he was grossly negligent and worst, actually criminal.
Since the accident I've been found to have had much more serious injuries.  
The following were found by other Dr’s over the next few days and weeks, some five months, others not until one or two years later:
Dislocated left knee which has left me with a floating knee cap.
Cruciate Ligament Damage to left knee.
Severe Brain Injury initially, later and rather strangely recorded as Moderately Severe.
Diplopia (Double Vision).
Severe Spinal Cord Trauma.
Severe Full Body Whiplash with Dural Tears to my entire Dura. 
Broken Jaw, as well as a completely pulped right TMJ caused by the impact to my head.
Broken and dislocated teeth.
Penetrating Injury to Right Ankle.
All over Soft Tissue Injuries.
Massive swelling to rear & right hip with loss of feeling. The swelling is still there today, only lessened.

This list is of the injuries found five years later by the opposition lawyers requesting MRI.  
The MRI results were hidden from me by my Lawyer Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge & Mark Stephen Lomas of 3PB Barristers aided by Dr Ellis, Neurologist at Poole NHS Trust hospital, and Dr Nick Moffat, Clinical Psychologist at Poole NHS Trust Hospital.
These people not only hid the results from me, they actually knowingly and deliberately sent me for MRI of my spine with no intention of telling me my spine had been MRI'd or telling me the results. They violated my Human rights, and deliberately deprived me of a proper settlement in my Personal Injury claim. They knew before they sent me for the MRI of my spine, that I had a Syrinx and severe spinal Injuries as they'd been covering it up for years.  It  explains why they were determined I should get no help with my back problems.

These injuries were all found again during private x-rays and MRI in late 2009 and 2010, and even as late as March 2012. 
This was the first we knew of what they'd been keeping from me. 
They were again covered up by the Dr’s and Hospitals who are supposed to be treating me now today in 2012.
Even the reports made no mention of most of the clearly visible injuries from the accident.
One report from Salisbury District Hospital even lied that my Syrinx was getting bigger, in an attempt to cover up a recent spinal infection my GP had misdiagnosed as Swine Flu!  
Why? you might reasonably ask, as do I every day? Well these are the same Dr’s that work at Poole NHS Trust along with other hospitals in the area and all the Private Hospitals, mainly the Nuffield chain.  The only Dr’s to tell the truth and diagnose me properly even today, are Dr’s that are completely outside of this NHS Trust’s grasp or control.

The injuries they've covered up and continue to cover up are: 
Deviated Septum with Dural tear, caused by the impact to my head. This allows infection into CSF in my brain & spine which is highly dangerous, more so for me as I don’t have a spleen. 
This actually caused a massive Spinal infection which in turn caused my Spinal Cord to tether, as it was misdiagnosed Swine Flu in July 2009 by Dr Hogan at Ringwood Medical Centre.  
This we've only found out in March 2012 as it was covered up because it relates back to the negligence and cover up from the time of my accident.
Broken Neck  
The hospital changed my records from my accident to record that I had a dislocated neck (discovered March 2010)
Broken lumbar spine (discovered March 2010)
Multiple Fractures to coccyx.

Traumatic Thoracic Syrinx and Cervical Syrinx.
Arachnoid Cysts, now includes Calcified Sacral Arachnoiditis and Arachnoiditis in my entire spine.
Meningocele (I can’t quite remember the right name for these but they are in various places along my spine due to the injuries) They were explained as pockets of damaged material from the impact damage to my spine.
I now have many more injury related problems that have developed due to these original injuries.
As I looked for explanations for why I had a syrinx, I started off believing the lies I was being told in their attempts to continue to cover this up.

But then it all became just too strange and I started thinking they must have just made mistakes. 
Then the mistakes mounted to hundreds of mistakes and I began thinking maybe they were negligent, just doing the minimum on the Legal Aid System.  
Then I remembered other things and found evidence that clearly meant they did this deliberately from the first few days I was in hospital. 
If it hadn't happened to me, I would have had a hard time believing it. 

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