Sunday, 8 August 2010

Page 3 - Journey to Poole NHS Trust Hospital

I awoke in the ambulance completely oblivious to anything, I didn't know where I was, where I was going or that I'd had an accident.

The ambulance technicians were asking my name, and my husband was answering for me.  They kept asking things and Alan answered for me, I tried, but couldn’t really remember anything.  

I'd always had a photographic memory for numbers, faces and information, but it was now gone.  

I could only remember that I didn't have a spleen, and it was important so I kept telling them this each time I regained consciousness.  

I couldn’t remember where I lived when they asked me.  I could only think of trying to remember my medic alert number. Weird I know, but that's Brain Injury.  
I was mostly unconscious in the ambulance.  I would try to talk then go unconscious again.

This is where the cover up by Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi and Lester Aldridge starts.  

My medical records state on one set of paperwork that I was unconscious for 3 minutes.  Whereas in the next set of paperwork, by Dr Panchbhavi, it is one and a half minutes.  

Exactly how does an ambulance get to the scene of an accident on a jammed up Dual Carriageway in one and a half minutes?

How can they then see to the patient, apply a spine board and neck restraint and get you into the ambulance?  All within One and a Half Minutes, or even three? 
Exactly how is that possible?  
I sure would like to know?  
Magic Elves, must be!

It took longer than that for my husband to chase the driver, get him to stop and reverse back up the carriageway. 

My husband then dropped his bike and ran back up the carriageway, these things alone took more time than either one and a half or three minutes!

I now know the reason they were changed was to cover up the Negligence by Poole NHS Trust Hospital.

I was taken to Accident & Emergency at Poole NHS Trust Hospital.

I don’t remember how long it took to get to the hospital, only that they drove very carefully due to my spinal injuries. 

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