Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Page 10 It Was The 5th Of April & I Could Now Move My Legs

On the 5th of April I found I could move my legs.  Not enough to do anything crazy like standing up, but they moved.  The nurses took great delight in telling this to my husband later when he came in.  Alan was relieved.  Then I got a visit from Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi who gave me exercises to strengthen my legs.  He told me to try to tighten the muscles around my knee and push them down into the bed.  
This is another area in which my medical records were quite blatantly changed.  In the new manufactured records, Dr Panchbhavi says I could 'move my legs and straight leg raise’.  Completely leaving out the reason he gave me the exercises was because I couldn’t, lift my legs when asked.   Also, you don’t mention the patient can now straight leg raise, after five days, unless they had previously been unable to? As I said before, these first five days are all neatly typed out in good English? 
The nurses were still begging him to refer me to Neurology.   Six  months later, I found out from my Neuro Physio, the worst thing I could have done at this time, was to tighten my knee muscles and push them down into the bed.  This caused my legs to become more ‘lax’ than they already were from the Spinal Cord Injury. 
I still had no nighties or jammies, as we couldn't afford anything, and it was the last thing on Alan’s mind, who was still in shock. He was trying to visit me in hospital, and hold down a full time job so we didn't lose our home.
The nurses kept the top end of the bed raised and propped the pillows so my head was tilted slightly forward so I could breathe. 
I couldn't hear properly in my right ear because of the fluid on my brain and in my inner ear.  I tried to keep my head turned slightly so the screaming on the ward at night, was not so loud.  There was a lady who had to jump from a fire at flats in Brighton, some months previously, who had been transferred to the ward.  She must have been going through hell.  
I'd continually turn my head a little to the right then a little left, because of the pressure from the fluid build up in my skull and the swelling, although I didn't know what this was then. 
Over the next few days I managed to move my legs more and more.  I was now being taken to the toilets in a chair by the nurses, and was now the proud owner of a new set of wheels, albeit four.  But hey, progress is progress. 
On the 7th April, I stood up for the first time, by the bed, I grant you, and I had to be touching the bed for support and safety, should I fall.  My body was terribly unstable.  The only way I can think of to describe this is.  Imagine four dominoes, on top of each other, end to end.  Then imagine the instability at the points where the dominoes join?  The top of the first one, would be my unstable knees, the next would be my lower back, the next would be my neck.  Then imagine trying to walk or even stand.  Hence, the nurses started flying into a state of panic over the next few weeks each time I even attempted to try to stand.
They kept x-raying my head, every few days, we were never told why.   
But we now know the reasons for all of this are because I had a Deviated Septum with Dural Tears, meaning CSF can get leak from my Brain through my nose and Infection can get into my CSF. Not forgetting the brain swelling and fluid on my brain and because of my broken neck.

When my case was finished I asked for all the x-rays, but was only given one copy of my head x-rays, and NONE of my neck.  I didn't realise back then, as I trusted these people, but Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge had deliberately sent me five copies of the same x-ray. I know they were the same because Alan had taken my nose ring out after a day or two in hospital, and all the x-rays of my head, all had a nose ring in them. 
I now know the reason I was not allowed to have the others was because they would have shown the brain swelling, fluid, deviated septum and broken neck.  

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