Monday, 9 August 2010

Page 4 - Emergency Department, Poole NHS Trust Hospital

I remember being in the Emergency room, the horrendous neck and head pain was indescribable. 
I desperately wanted it to stop and felt like my head was going to explode. I felt as if my neck was broken and my head had been pushed back with my chin pointing in the air causing massive pain to my spine at the base of my skull and a bit further down.

I was lifted onto the x-ray table for the head and neck x-ray’s.  The ambulance staff then waited for the results and their equipment to be returned.  

I expected the relief when the spine board and head restraints were removed to be out of this world!  Except there were was no relief as the pain didn't stop.  It was a relief though not to be strapped to the board anymore.  

I believe the X-Ray's should be repeated once the spine board and head restraints have been removed.  Two Orthopaedic Dr’s should read the x-rays. 
When you’re taking X-Rays of a biker wearing leathers, the second set of X-Rays should be taken after removing our leathers!  There are so many bikers whom I’ve spoken to, who have had X-Rays after an accident, who have had to go back to hospital repeatedly complaining of severe pain before being found to have serious and multiple fractures in the neck and shoulder area.

In reality though, for someone to just be given a few x-rays after a 100mph serious bike crash and no scans is ridiculous.

It was fifteen years before I was to find out I actually did have a broken neck among many other serious injuries that were deliberately covered up by my Dr's, Poole Hospital and Lester Aldridge, my very own solicitors. 

The medical records that remain have been been re-written, the other 99% have been illegally destroyed.  
We were told at the time there was nothing wrong with my neck when the spine board was removed.  
Dr Panchbhavi even had the nurses put a sling around my neck for my shattered hands?  
Later we were told, when I couldn’t move my legs for days, ‘it’s probably just a bit of swelling at C3 and C4’.

The entire first five days when I couldn’t move my legs, was lifted in a hoist, etc etc, is all nicely typed out on one sheet of paper now. 
with a quite different explanation of a dislocated neck at C3 and C4?  Erm? 

Why would you put a sling for a broken wrist around the dislocated neck of a seriously injured patient? 

It even mentions on day five, ‘Can now straight leg raise’? 
What they’re missing is, why would you put that unless I couldn’t move them for the first four days? 

Besides the fact I couldn't straight leg raise and he'd infact given me exercises to do because of this.

Does anyone else find that just a little too strange? 

C1 and C2 are now fused where I had a broken neck in the accident.  It may well have been dislocated further down as well.

I was then left on an ER trolley behind a curtain, where I continued repeatedly losing consciousness.

The next thing I knew, two young nurses, one male one female, were asking me where it hurt most. I told them, my head, neck, jaw, shoulders elbows, wrists and hands, my back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

They looked at each other, laughed and said, “We don’t do feet”.

Again they asked  “ Where does it hurt most”, with a heavy emphasis on MOST.  

It was as if I was being told to, ‘whittle it down a bit’.  As if I couldn’t possibly have that many injuries or that much pain.   

I don’t know whether they just didn’t believe me, or just had no idea how bad an accident I had been in.  Perhaps they just thought I was a ‘wimp’?  But then, they were only trainee nurses, not Dr’s.  I still hadn't seen a Dr. 

I had no idea what was going on and  told them again, my head, neck, jaw and right shoulder, right elbow, right wrist, right hand, left hand and right hip, left knee and right ankle.

They started to undress me, getting quite stroppy with me when I couldn't lift my bottom or move my legs to help them get my jeans off.  I remember thinking it odd they didn’t come off easily as they had not been tight, in fact quite the reverse.

We told them to cut my jeans off, but they just yanked them, pulled and eventually got them off, dropping my legs to the trolley bed as they came off.

Now I can see what a ridiculous state of affairs this was, and very dangerous considering the type of accident I had.  I can also see it was odd that this didn’t cause me to scream with pain. Why didn't I scream? Well for one I'm a biker and no wimp! Secondly I couldn’t feel much pain from the injuries in my 

lower half. 

It was nothing compared to my arms, head and neck, and I do remember thinking I must have just been lucky and that I must not have been hurt too badly in my lower half.  Not thinking for a minute about the fact that I could not move.

I didn’t know the reason for this was that I had at least one ‘Syrinx’ in my thoracic spinal cord and a smaller one in my cervical spinal cord. These were causing me to be unable to move or feel much in the way of pain. 

Nor did I know I had a deviated septum, with tears to my Dura in my skull and the full length of my spine. A broken, dislocated neck, broken lumbar spine, coccyx and a Traumatic Brain Injury.   
All of this, was ‘missed’ by Poole hospital.  
All of this, excepting the TBI, which would be diagnosed five months later, was covered up for the next 15 years.  
Oh, and just in case you're wondering, the Dr’s, hospitals and Lester Aldridge are still covering up, lying and ignoring it all, despite all the evidence.  
They all lack any compassion, empathy or caring, and continue instead to deliberately destroy the rest of my life, leaving me to suffer every day, just to cover up their mistakes and deliberate fraud from the past, knowing I may not have much of a future or life left.   Any one of these people could stop our suffering and allow us to have 'some kind of life', but they choose not to.

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