Saturday, 7 August 2010

Page 2 - The Ambulance

I was laying in the middle of the Dual Carriageway, near the flyover by the golf course, at the Cooper Dean roundabout.  

My husband, Alan, having seen what happened to me in his mirrors, only just managed to avoid being hit by the drugged driver. He quickly pulled into the inside lane as he had already passed the van.

Alan remembered what I'd told him years before. that, “should I be knocked off my bike by some lunatic at any time in the future, he should make sure the driver didn't get away. It was much more important to me, the lunatic got his just desserts”.

I’d made him promise, and told him I was sure that anybody in the vicinity of an accident would be a good samaritan and look after me, If I was still alive, and If I wasn’t, it would be even more important to me.

The Irony of my situation is, the real culprits who Injured, neglected and hurt me, were the ones who got away with it! The real  corruption, injustice and negligence was yet to come, from my lawyers, Dr's and Hospital, all the people you wouldn't expect it from.

So good old Alan chased this ‘Lunatic driver’, James Joseph Davis of Flat C, 13/15 Florence Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth. He looked at Alan, and judged he couldn't get away. He'd burst his front tyre on impact with my body and bike, so was driving on his rim.  

James Joseph Davis then stopped his car and reversed back up the Wessex Way to the scene of the accident. 
Alan dropped his bike on the side of the road and ran back up the carriageway.  

I was unconscious surrounded by witnesses to the accident, and concerned onlookers.  

I had been very lucky, as everyone in the traffic surrounding me, had also been able to see what this lunatic was about to do, and had managed to avoid hitting me.  

In one witness statement a driver had commented to his wife, ‘that guy’s gonna hit that bike, he’s going way too fast’.
As Alan got back to me, the drugged driver had got there just in front of him and picked up one of my arms, and just dropped it.

My husband grabbed James Joseph Davis, by the front of his jacket. Several men surrounded Alan and a woman forced her way between him and the driver.  Apparently she was a publican, so well used to stepping in.

There were a few people came screaming up to the people surrounding me and to Alan saying 'Can't we move her off the side of the road, I've got to get somewhere?'. 

The publican tried to put a blanket round Alan. Being a warm spring day and wearing a thick leather jacket, he threw it off. 

The ambulance arrived, my helmet was removed and I was put on a spine board. 

The car driver was breathalysed by Police Officers, PC Cronin, and PC Chowne.  They thought he was drunk, as he had just come off a 3 Year, Drink Drive Ban, 3 weeks prior to the accident.  God alone knows what he had done previously to get that type of Ban.

He passed the Breathalyser, but, according to the Police Officer, was ‘out of his skull’, presumed to be on drugs.  
This explains what he was doing stopped on the ‘slip way’ leaning over the passenger seat.  The Police thought he had been snorting cocaine or something.  

It explains why he then drove off totally out of control onto the Wessex Way, where he hit a woman’s car, pulled into the overtaking lane and drove off at 100mph +.  Which is how he came to drive through me and be looking in his passenger door mirror instead of where he was going.

James Joseph Davis was so out of his skull on drugs that PC’s Chowne and Cronin had to change his wheel for him.  He couldn’t do it himself.

The police didn't have a drugs test then, and had to let him drive off.  Just how sick and dangerous is that?

Oh it gets better! James Joseph Davis then gave a statement, in which he gave his name as ‘Lord Longford’. It was April 1st and he thought this was funny.  He even signed the statement as Lord Longford.  

I regained consciousness in the ambulance.

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