Saturday, 28 August 2010

Page 13 The Doziest PhysioTherapist

During the next two weeks in the hospital.  I was repeatedly given Head X-Rays and more X-Rays of my hands.  The hospital were well aware of my Brain Injury, swelling, fluid, Deviated Septum and Broken Neck.  They were just not telling us. 
The nurses told me 'I kept them going, I made it enjoyable to come to work’.  I have never understood why, I had this effect, but pretty much everyone who knows me say the same.  I know it's beyond me too!

I had to wait until the nurses weren’t busy, to be ‘fed’.  They were very good and I didn’t starve.  I couldn't understand the menu so just ate the same every day each week.  It was too complicated, the nurse would read out a few items that you could have for the main course, and by the time she had said the first choice, it had gone from my head.   So I had no ability to choose.  Then God Bless ‘em, they would read out the vegetables etc., that were supposed to go with the main course.  We all gave up, Alan would choose for me and I would have the same every day all that week..  Well, I didn’t know I had the same the day before, I couldn’t remember, so it didn’t really matter.   Again, I was completely oblivious.  

Maurice a male nurse had fun repeatedly giving me my drinks with the straw cut off just below the level of the top of the drink.  So every time I took a sip, I would make a loud slurping noise.  The nurses would have a laugh hiding round the corner to catch me out every time.  I couldn't remember they had done it before.  They nicknamed me 'slurpy'.

Several months later when I eventually got referred to Neurology, this was all explained to us, and I was told that I was a certain number on the Glasgow Coma Scale.  Yep!  There is a scale for it.  I was rated at quite a low number on this scale, low being bad.  Ha! Can’t remember what though.  

Anyway, I digress, over the next few weeks I kept being visited by a young Physiotherapist.  Now this girl was very funny, and I have never been able to understand the intelligence behind this.

I had shattered thumbs and little finger on my left hand.  Most of my other fingers were broken, and some of my hand bones.  Also my right wrist was very badly broken with my hand at 90 degrees to my wrist.  My elbow was also broken too.  My body was totally unstable and I was not unable to stand without some sort of support, hence the physiotherapist.  I had wires down through my left thumb and little finger, with corks on the ends.  I had a fixator with nuts and bolts on my right thumb.

So, please can anyone shed any light on why a physio would bring me crutches to walk with?  Especially considering that Poole Hospital now knew that I also had a broken neck, even if they didn't tell me.  
Now, stop laughing, it doesn’t stop there.  She came back a few days later, with, yes you’ve guessed it, more crutches.  This time, they were the ones that you rest your forearms on and hold the upright handles.  I said, stop laughing.

A few days later again, she came with a walking frame, the type you would have to pick up and place one step in front of you and then take a step.  No, no no, it doesn’t stop there either.  Yep!  She came back again, this time with a walking frame on wheels, with a hand brake lever.   Eventually, she got the message, I think!  Either that or she ran out of options, I will never know.

Then I got a sensible woman, Mary Felder, Physiotherapist, who could not help with my spine instability, but who came armed with the idea of McConnell strapping.  They put this lethal sticky tape across your knee to hold it in place better.  I had a dislocated knee which caused tearing to the cruciate ligaments.  So my kneecap floats about.  It is also now very crunchy like when you crush a bag of crisps, every time I move it.   Anyway, this helped a bit.  But, it ripped all your skin off each time they take it off.  Sore!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Page 12 The 2nd Operation on my hands

On the 7th April 1995 I was told I would be having a further operation on my hands the next day.  The bones had moved in my left little finger and hand.  The X-Ray for both my thumbs and little finger on my left hand all looked like lots of pieces of crunched up egg shell that had been dropped randomly.  That’s how bad the fractures were.  Dozey Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi had been as good as his word and not fixed my left hand properly.  He said he wouldn’t so you have to give him credit for that one.  He'd taken these badly broken fingers and just bandaged them up tightly and hoped for the best.
Hence the little finger is now at least half an inch shorter than it was, which is a bit of a problem.  The ring finger points generally skywards and the thumb is fixed, and doesn’t bend at all.  
I didn’t care, I had no idea what was happening and was completely unaware I was being treated negligently.  
I was getting a feeling of terror and something was jolting me awake all the time, making me reluctant to sleep, and I was so tired.  I now know this is Central Apnea due to the Syrinx, and it causes your breathing just to stop when sleeping. 
You’re kind of scared but you don’t know what of, and with a brain injury you can’t remember.  It is very weird, and almost impossible to explain.  Unless you have got a brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I suppose.  Wonderful label that!
These days you'll be pleased to know, I have a baby monitor under my pillow, with an alarm that goes off when my breathing stops.  It wakes Alan up, and sometimes it's enough, just enough to catch me and 'bring me to'. Alan is now trained in 'First Aid', so he knows more about how to help me when I need it. 
During the 2nd Operation on the 8th April 1995 they put a ‘k’ wire down through the pieces of broken bones  into my hand below my little finger. They put thicker bandages on this time that went further than my wrist. 
They'd applied some little splints to the fingers of my right hand and taped some fingers together that hadn't been setting straight.

When trying to work out what they'd done, I thought Dr Panchbhavi must have redone the 'K' wire in my left thumb as it was so swollen the nurses put my arms in slings made from pillowcases and drip stands for 2 days.  The right arm was not so bad and taken down after a day or so as I had terrible right shoulder pain which was aggravated by the sling. My shoulder wouldn't go flat to the bed and there was a crunch when I tried to push it back where it should be because of the spinal injuries and Syrinx. 

I can only find one explanation as to why I had so much swelling in my right and left thumbs when I'd supposedly only had a tiny operation on the little finger on my left hand and that part re-bandaged.

Either the pins and fixator were removed and I was then given an MRI of my spine.  Or My hands were put above my head and my spine was MRI'd.

It is the only explanation for such swelling in my right and left thumbs which weren't operated on.

It would also explain why, prior to this operation, the hospital started administering Penicillamine, as I had no spleen.  Well I have always presumed it was an antibiotic.

It is the only explanation for such a thorough 'cover up', and why the hospital and my lawyer made sure no one ever MRI'd my spine or looked for the reason of all my spinal pain for the next five years.  Or the following 14 years in fact.

I was pretty much out of it for the next few days because of the swelling and pain.  Plus my new found ability to move, if only a little, had been taken away again, because of the sling.
The nurses were still trying to get Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi to refer me to the Neurology Department.  They started sneaking up to my husband and whispering almost, saying ‘make sure your wife sees a Neurologist before she leaves the hospital’.  Alan and I never realised the significance of this until now.  The nurses knew the consequences of my having not been able to move, being unable to hold my head up, the confusion and lack of memory, inability to understand anything etc.  They knew I had a Traumatic Brain Injury a Syrinx, broken back and neck.  I can’t fault the nurses they really tried.  

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Page 11 Why my Dr's & Karen Thompson covered up my Syrinx and Spinal Injuries

How did we end up here, in this mess with a completely corrupt lawyer like Karen Thompson? 

Well, It was during the last week on the ward, when one of the nurses suggested Alan take me for a trip in a hospital wheelchair to 'get some air'.  She said there was a visiting/waiting room where we could go for a little privacy. 

Now you might find this suspicious, when you realise the nurse who suggested this had re-broken my wrist, the hospital had been negligent, and we were now sat in a waiting room with a leaflet dispenser on the wall which was full of leaflets for Lester Aldridge Solicitors, advertising Personal Injury Claims services?

Lester Aldridge handles the Charitable Funds for Poole hospital NHS Trust and are also on many of the same committees and organisations.

Plus we were later told by Dr Nick Moffat, on our last visit to him, immediately after being bullied into settling my case, that Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge was married to a Consultant at the hospital. 

There are so many websites about this corrupt law firm and it’s illegal practices out there.

You’ve only to type in ‘corrupt law firm, Lester Aldridge’ into your search engine to find them. 

Alan put a leaflet in his pocket and phoned Lester Aldridge a few days later, who said to ring back when I was out of hospital.

In Britain's NHS and Medical Industry nobody blows the whistle for fear they will never work again. Every Dr and Nurse has to 'Cover Up', every act of Negligence in the NHS, even to the point of letting thousands of patients die every year.

I'd always subscribed to the popular belief that Dr's knew what they were doing, were to be revered and listened to. 

I did everything I was told to, and believed every lie I was told without a single inkling that I'd been negligently treated from the time of my accident until 2010.

I've found a few good people in the midst of all this corruption.  The trouble with them though, was they chose to cover up for Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi and Poole NHS Trust Hospital.  They chose to  put my life at risk to protect him and the hospital from what they percieved as a 'possible' Negligence Claim.  

Which kind of goes against the oath,  ‘First, Do No Harm’.  

They certainly did harm and have nearly killed me.  

The irony of the whole situation is, If I'd been told I had these 'hidden' Injuries I would have been relieved to know what was wrong and wouldn't have Sued the hospital or Dr's at all.  

I would have received a Proper Damages Settlement and at least had some quality of life for the last 17 years and some Future!

But that wasn't the only reason they failed to tell me I may have a Syrinx and why they covered everything up from day 1.

It was because the Insurance Co., would have blamed them and left them liable for failing to treat my Brain Injury, Deviated Septum with Dural Tears, Broken Neck, Back, Coccyx etc..  

The failure to treat or even recognise these Injuries would have made them worse.

So they all lied.  Karen Thompson had taken advice from Mark Lomas of 3PB Barristers from the beginning on how to manage my Case to cover up the Negligence. 

They deliberately used Dr's who were from the same Hospital, who were totally unqualified in dealing with Brain Injury patients.  

This was so that they would be amenable to 'Cover up' their fellow Dr's Negligence.

A prime example of this is Dr Goodwin, Orthopaedic Consultant at Poole & Bournemouth and the Nuffield Hospitals, Bournemouth.  

He was supposed to be my Orthopaedic Medical Expert in my personal injury claim.   

He was so thorough in covering up what happened, he failed to do any MRI of my spinal Injuries, despite knowing I'd attended a year of Neuro Physio and been referred back to the hospital twice for severe back problems. 

In his first report about my Injuries, I'd miraculously developed two thumbs on the same hand.  That's how thorough he was investigating my problems.

Dr Goodwin commented in his final report that I'd not mentioned to him, as I had the opposition's Dr, that I'd pain in my left hip,  suggesting I was making it up.  

Now if he'd had any kind of qualifications in the Traumatic Brain Injury field, he would have known, I wouldn't remember where I get pain or why, unless I'm getting it at the time.  

He knew I had a Moderately Severe/Severe Brain Injury.

Dr Goodwin never examined me and concentrated only on my hands.  

I never could understand why everyone involved in my case, from the day I entered the hospital, to the day I was bullied into settling my case seemed to ignore everything 

I told them about all my difficulties. 

Promises would be made but never ever followed through. They knew I'd forget, never to remember again. 

Karen Thompson was never my Solicitor acting in my interests, not from the day Lester Aldridge sent her to see me. 

She was working for Poole NHS Trust Hospital from the first time I saw her, to cover up their Negligence.  

She even used my Legal Aid Fund to which we were contributing, to pay the very experts to cover up the Clinical Negligence at their own hospital! 

I was paying Karen Thompson to defraud me in my Injury Claim. That has to be Criminal. 

For this, she was rewarded with a Partnership, within days of manipulating me into settling my claim.

Karen Thompson and Mark Lomas of 3PB Barristers didn't tell me my spine was being MRI'd as they knew I had a Syrinx, broken neck and back in the accident and had no intention of telling me when it was found on MRI. 

When my Spinal Injuries were finally found after MRI requested by Professor Trimble and Dorothy Sproule, they covered it up and failed to tell me. 

There was another reason for this, the law was about to change to stop this form of corruption and loading of experts fees in Legal Aid cases.  

Everything they had done,  as well as being negligent, was ILLEGAL.  

It's a bit like MP's giving contracts to friends, it is rife, illegal and corrupt. 

Karen Thompson wasn't even working as a Personal Injury Lawyer throughout most of  the six years she was supposed to be dealing with my case.  

She was at home having two children and studying Compliance Law.

As the 'Compliance Officer' for Lester Aldridge she knew she had to get my case closed quickly. 

Karen Thompson should have gone to the Court to get me allocated a 'Legal Friend' as soon as she knew I had a Traumatic Brain Injury with Profound Difficulties. 

She didn't do this as she wouldn't have been able to carry out her illegal and corrupt plan if she had.

If my Syrinx and Spinal Injury results from the MRI were discovered, she would have to start my whole case again, with a whole new team of medical experts and the hospitals Negligence would have been discovered. 

So they bullied and frightened me into settling out of court.

Professor Michael Trimble the opposition expert was having a Field Day.  

He knew the Negligence meant he could get all the experts to agree to cover up the Syrinx they'd found when they did MRI of my spine without telling me in March 2000.  

Professor Michael Trimble even commented in his report that it was inappropriate for Lester Aldridge to have appointed Dr Nick Moffat, Clinical Psychologist at Poole NHS Trust Hospital as my expert.  

Karen Thompson had tried to block the opposition's requests for MRI which we couldn't understand as we had requested MRI of my spine, and were desperate to know why I hadn't got better. 

I now know so much more about why my own Solicitor planned and carried out this fraud over the many years of my Injury Claim. 

Page 10 It Was The 5th Of April & I Could Now Move My Legs

On the 5th of April I found I could move my legs.  Not enough to do anything crazy like standing up, but they moved.  The nurses took great delight in telling this to my husband later when he came in.  Alan was relieved.  Then I got a visit from Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi who gave me exercises to strengthen my legs.  He told me to try to tighten the muscles around my knee and push them down into the bed.  
This is another area in which my medical records were quite blatantly changed.  In the new manufactured records, Dr Panchbhavi says I could 'move my legs and straight leg raise’.  Completely leaving out the reason he gave me the exercises was because I couldn’t, lift my legs when asked.   Also, you don’t mention the patient can now straight leg raise, after five days, unless they had previously been unable to? As I said before, these first five days are all neatly typed out in good English? 
The nurses were still begging him to refer me to Neurology.   Six  months later, I found out from my Neuro Physio, the worst thing I could have done at this time, was to tighten my knee muscles and push them down into the bed.  This caused my legs to become more ‘lax’ than they already were from the Spinal Cord Injury. 
I still had no nighties or jammies, as we couldn't afford anything, and it was the last thing on Alan’s mind, who was still in shock. He was trying to visit me in hospital, and hold down a full time job so we didn't lose our home.
The nurses kept the top end of the bed raised and propped the pillows so my head was tilted slightly forward so I could breathe. 
I couldn't hear properly in my right ear because of the fluid on my brain and in my inner ear.  I tried to keep my head turned slightly so the screaming on the ward at night, was not so loud.  There was a lady who had to jump from a fire at flats in Brighton, some months previously, who had been transferred to the ward.  She must have been going through hell.  
I'd continually turn my head a little to the right then a little left, because of the pressure from the fluid build up in my skull and the swelling, although I didn't know what this was then. 
Over the next few days I managed to move my legs more and more.  I was now being taken to the toilets in a chair by the nurses, and was now the proud owner of a new set of wheels, albeit four.  But hey, progress is progress. 
On the 7th April, I stood up for the first time, by the bed, I grant you, and I had to be touching the bed for support and safety, should I fall.  My body was terribly unstable.  The only way I can think of to describe this is.  Imagine four dominoes, on top of each other, end to end.  Then imagine the instability at the points where the dominoes join?  The top of the first one, would be my unstable knees, the next would be my lower back, the next would be my neck.  Then imagine trying to walk or even stand.  Hence, the nurses started flying into a state of panic over the next few weeks each time I even attempted to try to stand.
They kept x-raying my head, every few days, we were never told why.   
But we now know the reasons for all of this are because I had a Deviated Septum with Dural Tears, meaning CSF can get leak from my Brain through my nose and Infection can get into my CSF. Not forgetting the brain swelling and fluid on my brain and because of my broken neck.

When my case was finished I asked for all the x-rays, but was only given one copy of my head x-rays, and NONE of my neck.  I didn't realise back then, as I trusted these people, but Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge had deliberately sent me five copies of the same x-ray. I know they were the same because Alan had taken my nose ring out after a day or two in hospital, and all the x-rays of my head, all had a nose ring in them. 
I now know the reason I was not allowed to have the others was because they would have shown the brain swelling, fluid, deviated septum and broken neck.  

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Page 9 The Following Few Days Were Pretty Uneventful

The following few days were pretty uneventful and I was still unable to move. 
A Dr did come to see me about the floaters and Double vision, although I didn’t know at the time this is what they were called.  All I knew was I could see lots of black dots and squiggles and I couldn’t see properly.  The best way I can describe it is like two lines of writing overlaid one on the other.  Everything had two outlines, guess that's why it's called Double Vision.  I now know it is called Diplopia as I had the same effect with just one eye open.   The Dr sat by my bed for a minute and asked me to describe what was wrong.  Well that seems hilarious now, as my brain injury was so bad then I was unable to remember each word after someone had said it.  Let alone string it all together and reply.  I did my best though, and I believe I just said ‘clouds’.  Don’t ask me?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Although I believe they sort of overlap don’t they?  Anyway, the Dr left saying there was nothing wrong.  My sight never got better.

At the time I was going through all of this, I had no idea why no one seemed to act on anything I told them. 
Later I thought Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi and subsequently all the Dr's who treated me, were just ignoring me, or were sceptical because there was obviously going to be a Compensation Claim for the Injuries received in my accident.
Now I know they were all covering up Dr Panchbhavi & Poole NHS Trust's Negligence from the very first night in that awful hospital.  
Others who work in these professions tell me, the reason for all this is: They're all insured by the same Ins Co's, the Dr's, hospital, solicitors etc., and will cover up your injuries if they think it might come back on them that they were negligent? 
Medical Experts also lie as they want the work from the Ins Co's.  Hence the genuine injured party doesn't stand a hope in hell of ever being treated fairly or receiving a fair settlement in an injury claim that won't leave them a Burden on The State.  In my case I had the double problem of Hospital Negligence and Legal Negligence, so I was never going to receive a fair settlement.

The nurses continued to feed, wash and toilet me.  On the fourth day, I was taken across to the bathroom in a sling hoist and lowered into the bath.  I was unable to hold my head up, it just flopped forward.
Alan and I always had a suspicion I had a broken neck, but as I said we were always told nothing was wrong, and trusted and believed everyone. Alan is Dyslexic and Autistic and I had a Brain Injury, and we both had absolute faith in the Dr's and Lawyers because we were totally unable to contemplate Deception.
Another  Dr came to see me and sat by my bed.  He asked about my jaw.  It felt like it was hanging down on the right, and wouldn't work.  I couldn't eat anything unless it was very soft.  Weetabix had been all I had eaten for the first few days.
He didn’t examine me either, and just said to eat soft food.  He did explain something about what was broken with my TMJ but I cannot remember well enough to explain.
I had now been in hospital for four days and not been examined by a Dr at all.  With Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi and the hospital continuing to deny my Brain Injury and doing nothing about it or my spinal injuries I don’t suppose I had much of a chance of ever getting treated properly.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Page 8 April 2nd: The First Day On The Ward

On the 2nd of April, the day after the accident, the Day Nurses realised I couldn't move or lift my head. 

I kept saying I felt I had sharp rocks in my head, although due to my brain injury, the only words I used were “rocks” and “head”.   The nurses would show me the pillow and say there was nothing there.
The only way I can explain it is like this.  If you could imagine one of those big pointed pieces of Rock Crystal.  Now take several of varying lengths, and imagine them stuck deep inside your skull!  Then add huge, similar pain in your neck and you are getting there. 
I had to be flat on my back for 24 hours for some reason that nobody ever explained.  Now I know it was because of the Brain Injury which only goes to show they were well aware of it, but did nothing. 
Later in the day the nurses raised the head of the bed and supported me with more pillows, as I was unable to support myself.  Even then, unless my head was propped slightly forward, I couldn't breathe or move anything! 
I clearly had fluid on and swelling of the Brain which in itself could have caused or worsened my Syrinx due to it not even being recognised let alone treated.  This probably contributed to the size of it. I know the Syrinx was caused by the accident though, as I couldn't move my legs.  The seizures I suffered when coming round from the operation were due to swelling of the Brain and had a Dr bothered to come when called by the nurses? Who knows? If someone had recognised this then, my Syrinx might have been lessened or healed. 
Perhaps by finding and treating my broken neck, back and coccyx, I would have less arachnoiditis, calcified arachnoiditis and arachnoid cysts?
I will never know.  
The nurses had been told by Dr Panchbhavi to put a soft padded sling around my neck to support my arm.  The pain from this was  horrendous.  I was told I had to wear it initially, but eventually got the point across when my husband came and told them it was too painful on my neck and It was removed. 
This is just one of the stages where my medical records have been blatantly changed though.  
If they knew at this point I had a broken or dislocated neck, then why didn't they put some kind of neck brace on? 
Why would Dr Vinod K Panchbhavi instead, order a sling to support a broken wrist, which would have dislocated my neck making things worse, increasing the size of the syrinx?  I even have photos of the day after my accident showing  a sling round my neck to support my shattered hands, broken wrist and elbow.
Yet my medical records have all been neatly typed out for these first five days in hospital and say I had a dislocated neck and a penetrating ankle wound!   

Alan took some more photos.  He told me what had happened in the accident.  I couldn't remember any of the accident at first, but I kept asking and Alan kept telling.  I am sure he must have got fed up with this.  

I could feel fluid sloshing around in my right jaw, ear, skull and could barely lift my jaw.  I had bits of broken teeth in my mouth after the accident. Some of my teeth had been chipped and some were later found to be cracked from the impacts of the road to my helmet and head.  I had some back teeth that were so loose and dislocated that they were sitting over on my tongue, flapping about. 
My hands were swollen and I had black marker pen in arrows down my arms.
I kept telling the nurses I couldn't see properly.  I couldn't understand or remember anything, could barely speak and what I did say was not making any sense and was usually just a word on it’s own.
I was pretty much ‘out of it’ for the whole day and night.   I could barely sleep because I kept getting this sudden jump or jolt like my heart or breathing was stopping.  Kind of like my body system alarming out to wake me up so I didn't die.  Hence I became too frightened to sleep. I now know this is Central Apnea another feature of Syrinx.
I was being fed by the nurses, but as I couldn't eat anything due to my jaw not working, I was fed weetabix.
I was being toileted by the nurses, as I couldn't move.  I had internal bleeding which was also ignored.  My hospital photos even show the half sheet the nurses used over a rubber sheet to protect the bed. Alan particularly remembers being very concerned about this. Me? I was completely oblivious to everything.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Page 7 - The Surgery & First Night on The Ward

The next thing I remember is coming round from the operation.

There was a nurse talking to me, calling my name and telling me to wake up.  My body went into violent fitting/Spasms/Convulsions  from the chest up only, my back arched.  The nurse was terrified, and called another nurse over to help her.  She was holding onto me, but I cannot remember where just that she was trying to help me, and was touching me.

The two nurses were discussing how much morphine I had already had.  They were saying I'd already had 14mg and couldn’t have any more.  One of the nurses went off to find a Dr but this was late on Saturday evening, as I had been in surgery for some hours.The other nurse stayed with me.  
We all now know that Dr's don't work weekends in British Hospitals and you're far more likely to die in one because of this.
I don’t know how long the convulsions went on, but it was for 20 to 30 minutes at minimum, they just happened again and again. It was almost continuous.  It was also exhausting.
Needless to say the Dr never came and I was taken back to the ward some time after the convulsions stopped.  
The convulsions/fitting were caused by the failure to recognise and treat my Brain Injury which causes the Brain to swell. 
The hospital would have known this as well as knowing that failure to treat Brain Injury in itself causes Syrinx.

In the early hours of the morning, I felt the need to GO.  I hadn't been for nearly 20 hours.  I just managed to make a loud enough noise, in the quiet of the night, to attract the attention of the two night nurses, a male and a female.

The nurses told me to lift myself up.  I couldn’t.  They tried to lift me, struggled and then got cross with me, telling me I had to help them.  I tried really hard to move but nothing happened.  They eventually moved me, and then got cross with me again as it took me ages before I could GO.
The reason I couldn't move was because of the Syrinx that had now formed in my spinal cord.  But at the time, and with a Brain Injury. I had no idea that all this was very wrong and extremely serious, nor that it would affect the rest of my life.
The night nurses would have known the implications involved in my not being able to move and recorded this.  
Poole NHS Trust Hospital knew from this moment on that they could not diagnose or allow my Syrinx and Spinal Injuries to be found now.  The reason being that the Insurance Co could now use their Negligence to blame for the cause of the Syrinx.  
More time and money is spent by Dr's and the Lego-Medico departments in our hospitals making sure the Negligence of British Dr's never sees the light of day than any of us would ever have known or believed possible.
I don’t think I slept at all, although I must have eventually got some sleep.  I was very frightened of going to sleep, in case I did not wake up.  Let me explain.  Everytime I thought I was falling asleep, my body would jolt me awake, it was as if I couldn’t breathe, as if my breathing had stopped.  Hence I became very frightened. This was caused by Central Apnea yet another delightful feature of Syrinx.  Your breathing can stop and you well, just die. 
This was my first night on the ward, after my accident. 

Poole Hospital were completely negligent in my care, they completely ignored my Head, neck, spine and Brain Injury, I received no treatment for any of it.  They should have MRI’d me immediately when I couldn’t move my legs.  They may well have caused the Syrinx by failing to treat the broken neck and brain Injury?
Did anyone stop to ask, ‘Hang on a minute, nobody lives from a 100mph crash normally, shouldn’t we do just a little bit more than a few X-Rays and send her up to the ward for hand operations?’ I sometimes wonder whether their neglect was because it was a Saturday, or maybe because I was supposed to be going to Odstock/Salisbury?  Maybe it was purely that one Dr had too much power, was arrogant, ignorant, and could barely speak English. Either way, the same mistakes are still happening today, due to arrogant ignorant Dr’s and a system where no one is allowed to say anything about a dangerous Dr in the system.  Not even when they’ve killed hundreds of victims does anyone say anything in this country.  So people die by the thousands in British Hospitals because you can’t say anything against a Dr or the system, the Great British Institution of the NHS.  Which is not so great when ‘First Do No Harm’ was replaced long ago with ‘Don’t Rock The Boat, or you’ll never work again!’  Dr’s in Britain no longer care how many people they kill each day or year, they don’t care about how much lifelong suffering they cause. It’s all in a days work.  When did having a fabulous reputation, and earning millions of £$ become a Dr’s First and Only concern?

Page 6 - Off to Surgery

I was taken to ward A2.

The injuries Poole hospital had found, from the few x-rays I had been given at this stage were:

Shattered hands, both thumbs and my left little finger (looked on x-ray as if someone had crumpled up a pile of eggshell and photographed it).
I had most of my fingers broken, as well as some of my hand bones and my right wrist was very badly broken.
My right elbow was also broken.
Everything else was completely ignored and when you consider this was a 100mph bike crash that no one normally survives, it beggars belief. 

After a while my husband came back.  Alan had brought a camera with him as the Policemen had told him to hire a solicitor and to take lots of photos.
We had no idea!
Alan took photos of some of my injuries before I was wheeled off to surgery.
I had a severe brain injury and my husband was in shock.

Dr Panchbhavi behaved like a Third World Dr in a supposedly 20th Century British Hospital.
At best he was grossly negligent and worst, actually criminal.
Since the accident I've been found to have had much more serious injuries.  
The following were found by other Dr’s over the next few days and weeks, some five months, others not until one or two years later:
Dislocated left knee which has left me with a floating knee cap.
Cruciate Ligament Damage to left knee.
Severe Brain Injury initially, later and rather strangely recorded as Moderately Severe.
Diplopia (Double Vision).
Severe Spinal Cord Trauma.
Severe Full Body Whiplash with Dural Tears to my entire Dura. 
Broken Jaw, as well as a completely pulped right TMJ caused by the impact to my head.
Broken and dislocated teeth.
Penetrating Injury to Right Ankle.
All over Soft Tissue Injuries.
Massive swelling to rear & right hip with loss of feeling. The swelling is still there today, only lessened.

This list is of the injuries found five years later by the opposition lawyers requesting MRI.  
The MRI results were hidden from me by my Lawyer Karen Thompson of Lester Aldridge & Mark Stephen Lomas of 3PB Barristers aided by Dr Ellis, Neurologist at Poole NHS Trust hospital, and Dr Nick Moffat, Clinical Psychologist at Poole NHS Trust Hospital.
These people not only hid the results from me, they actually knowingly and deliberately sent me for MRI of my spine with no intention of telling me my spine had been MRI'd or telling me the results. They violated my Human rights, and deliberately deprived me of a proper settlement in my Personal Injury claim. They knew before they sent me for the MRI of my spine, that I had a Syrinx and severe spinal Injuries as they'd been covering it up for years.  It  explains why they were determined I should get no help with my back problems.

These injuries were all found again during private x-rays and MRI in late 2009 and 2010, and even as late as March 2012. 
This was the first we knew of what they'd been keeping from me. 
They were again covered up by the Dr’s and Hospitals who are supposed to be treating me now today in 2012.
Even the reports made no mention of most of the clearly visible injuries from the accident.
One report from Salisbury District Hospital even lied that my Syrinx was getting bigger, in an attempt to cover up a recent spinal infection my GP had misdiagnosed as Swine Flu!  
Why? you might reasonably ask, as do I every day? Well these are the same Dr’s that work at Poole NHS Trust along with other hospitals in the area and all the Private Hospitals, mainly the Nuffield chain.  The only Dr’s to tell the truth and diagnose me properly even today, are Dr’s that are completely outside of this NHS Trust’s grasp or control.

The injuries they've covered up and continue to cover up are: 
Deviated Septum with Dural tear, caused by the impact to my head. This allows infection into CSF in my brain & spine which is highly dangerous, more so for me as I don’t have a spleen. 
This actually caused a massive Spinal infection which in turn caused my Spinal Cord to tether, as it was misdiagnosed Swine Flu in July 2009 by Dr Hogan at Ringwood Medical Centre.  
This we've only found out in March 2012 as it was covered up because it relates back to the negligence and cover up from the time of my accident.
Broken Neck  
The hospital changed my records from my accident to record that I had a dislocated neck (discovered March 2010)
Broken lumbar spine (discovered March 2010)
Multiple Fractures to coccyx.

Traumatic Thoracic Syrinx and Cervical Syrinx.
Arachnoid Cysts, now includes Calcified Sacral Arachnoiditis and Arachnoiditis in my entire spine.
Meningocele (I can’t quite remember the right name for these but they are in various places along my spine due to the injuries) They were explained as pockets of damaged material from the impact damage to my spine.
I now have many more injury related problems that have developed due to these original injuries.
As I looked for explanations for why I had a syrinx, I started off believing the lies I was being told in their attempts to continue to cover this up.

But then it all became just too strange and I started thinking they must have just made mistakes. 
Then the mistakes mounted to hundreds of mistakes and I began thinking maybe they were negligent, just doing the minimum on the Legal Aid System.  
Then I remembered other things and found evidence that clearly meant they did this deliberately from the first few days I was in hospital. 
If it hadn't happened to me, I would have had a hard time believing it.